Friday, October 28, 2011

Kulli Speaks

Kulli: Amma when I  become big, very big just like you
Me: hmmm
Kulli: Then you will become small
Amma: why
Kulli: Actually you will become smaller than Kulla, then you will do what I want you to do. You will finish food,get up when I ask you to, and sleep when I want you to sleep.
Kulli: Then I will scold you, you cannot scold me.

Life comes a full circle, and looks like she already knows it.

It was deepavali, but I was working from home:(

Kulli: Amma you work well, you work very much .Bcoz I will tell all my friends, that Amma is a good girl, she will work very well ok.

Basically she was using my dialogue to make her eat food.

I had made Poori and Paneer butter Masala for lunch yesterday. Kulli is a very poor eater, and needs hundred stories to make her eat food, So I told her tell paneer that the  poori will wrap you and carry carefully to mouth, you don't have to walk at all.(Basically to maker her eat the side dish also). She bought this theory and was eating well, which I had just assumed.After some time I look at her plate and paneer is made into small pieces and still remaining on the plate  and Poori is finished .When I ask her what happened she says " Amma paneer is fat, when Poori went to carry it,it fell down, we should not eat anything fallen  isnt it so I dint eat". Notes to self: Be more innovative.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


2 weeks ago , I had to travel to another part of Bangalore, to visit a relative..Kids and husband backed off saying that it would bore them. So I abandoned the plans of driving, and stood in the bus stop. Hopped on to a volvo. It felt like heaven, ac, kannada music, kannada news paper, I felt so so good. I almost felt, I was in a plane, and air hostess would serve me  coffee and breakfast anytime. But realized its not.

I leave in new Bangalore,  basically where there are more and more apartments, less people talking  kannada, and surrounded by huge IT companies. Early saturday mornings, the roads will be empty and deserted.
 Whereas when I reached old Bangalore, I saw aunties in nighties having brooms in their hands, washing in front of house. Uncles wearing panche , reading news paper and  yawning.

Parks filled, with old thathas , laughing in laughter clubs. Jasmine,and vegetable  sellers selling their wares.I was reminded of my childhood, when thataha would go for walks, in the morning and embarrass us, by plucking flowers from neighbors, ajji would make us wash in front of our house and stand there , until we finished, for supervision. Appa would sip coffee watching the commotion un perturbed glancing occasionally from the newspaper .And we would  sleepily just sweep and pour buckets of water .

My kulli will never know, all of this, since we stay in apartments, housekeeping staff  does all the sweeping, and I just wipe in front of the  house on festivals only.No pouring water, since no water outlet. This ayud pooja also, teh car wash guy cleaned cars and kulli showed no interest in washing cycle. Whereas  till I got married we would line car, scooter, 2 cycles in front of garage and pour buckets of water on all of them and wipe them dry.

I am just 30, and i already feel my childhood was long time ago and those golden days were far behind. Tell me does this happen to you also?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Namma Maneya Bombe habba

Wanted to share Dolls of my house.