Friday, June 29, 2012

Letter to my Kulla who turned 2

Dear Kulla,
                     Amma loves you. You are my favourite boy, but please do not take advantage of that. You are just 2 and Akka is 5, so don't compete with her for everything.

  • Stop telling, Love you  Amma and hugging my legs, when I  am angry on you. You know that I cannot yell at you after that.
  • You have learned to talk almost everything. And I wonder after seeing you , who the hell said only girls talk more!
  • I want you to be a good brother . Stop pulling Akka's hair to vent your anger .
  • Your display of love is also little violent, u squeeze mine and akka's cheeks and shout you are good girl. But sweety you are really hurting us when you do that.
  • Your hair is a constant mess, I just hope it soothes  down as you grow up.
  • You have brought in the unpredictability in our lives.we never  know what you will be climbing next in our house.or whats the next mischief
  • You are my sweety pie, I just hope I raise you well so that your wife and kids thank me.
  • And please stop sucking your thumb.


Monday, June 25, 2012

I am in Love-Nook

S  surprised as well as shocked me this year on my birthday by buying me a Nook. And I cannot get enough of it .  Nook is basically a Barnes and Noble e reader.Now people might ask, why not a tablet ? A tablet has internet and O.S and everything. But Nook is just an e reader. For people who love books, Nook is perfect.If you are like me, who is reading 2 books at any given time, then Imagine carrying a John Grisham as well as a Kannada book in your bag. Your shoulders might just give away with all the weight.But Nook has 2 GB storage. It can store a couple of hundred Pdfs, I am having around 30 fictions now in my bag at any given point of time.
  • Font can be increased or decreased as you want.
  • It Book marks the page automatically . If u r reading book A page 25 and Book B page 57, both are saved, So next time you click on the name of the book , the exact page is opened.
  • You can navigate to a particular page by just typing the page number.
  • It has capacity of 2 GB.
  • It has a huge battery life of close to 20 days once fully charged.
  • It has ability to connect to wifi.
  • Project Gutenberg is a wonderful site where you can download all classics.
  • I am sure all of us know about torrentz for rest of the  stuff.
  • It is very very light.In fact lighter than most of the books
  • All major books are released even for e readers.
  • It costs only around 7000 Rs on ebay.
  • Has provision for attaching a memory card also.
It is worth a buy if you are a voracious reader and you are comfortable reading e books.
  • Books cannot be borrowed or leant.
  • Need internet to download books.
  • You cannot build a collection of books for future generation.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fortis Hospital, Banerghatta Road-Review

Yesterday I had been to Fortis on Banerghatta road with my aunt. My experience to sum it up was WOW.

  • Huge parking space.
  • Squeaky clean hospital premises
  • Friendly people at reception.
  • Nurses well trained. They can very easily spot a vein for taking blood.
  • Billing very quick. In fact , they gave me refund for a scan which was conducted  first,and was inconclusive .
  • They told me that I was eligible for a  refund and gave it back within 5 minutes.
  • Entire system is digitised.All the reports will be directly mailed to concerned physicians  directly.
  • Rooms spacious and clean
  • Room service efficient.
  • Restrooms very clean, and dry.
last but not the least.

  • Cost very high. They charge for the services they offer. But if u have an insurance cover, and u need a surgery then go to FORTIS.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kulla Kulli

Me: Kulla , come here eat banana
Kulla: After eating a bite,  finish  it up yourself. You are my good girl.

Kulli :Amma my hair is soft silky and beautiful isn't it?
Me : Yes why
Kulli: Then I am also miss beautiful  hair isnt it?

Monday, June 18, 2012

A quick update

I have changed my job. This  company of mine  has banned accessing blogs from the office network , hence I have been away. But that is  not the only reason, I was just plain lazy , took a long time to settle down and ignored internet also. But there were posts always running in my head, so cannot keep my self away from my blog for a long time. I just hope to blog at least thrice a week henceforth.

S my husband doing fine. Kulla is getting more mischievous by the time. Kulli is the darling the cheese of our house, and Kulla the chalk. Together they have kept me more than busy.

Work as usual , I dont say I am the happiest, but pulling along.

I ran the  Majja run of 5.7 km within 50 minutes in Bangalore 10K. I am aiming for 10K next year.

Thats the update I have for my absence. Will continue with my normal programming henceforth.

Bye take care.