Friday, June 29, 2012

Letter to my Kulla who turned 2

Dear Kulla,
                     Amma loves you. You are my favourite boy, but please do not take advantage of that. You are just 2 and Akka is 5, so don't compete with her for everything.

  • Stop telling, Love you  Amma and hugging my legs, when I  am angry on you. You know that I cannot yell at you after that.
  • You have learned to talk almost everything. And I wonder after seeing you , who the hell said only girls talk more!
  • I want you to be a good brother . Stop pulling Akka's hair to vent your anger .
  • Your display of love is also little violent, u squeeze mine and akka's cheeks and shout you are good girl. But sweety you are really hurting us when you do that.
  • Your hair is a constant mess, I just hope it soothes  down as you grow up.
  • You have brought in the unpredictability in our lives.we never  know what you will be climbing next in our house.or whats the next mischief
  • You are my sweety pie, I just hope I raise you well so that your wife and kids thank me.
  • And please stop sucking your thumb.



  1. That is so wishes to kulla from me. Me thinks kulla and Rishi will be a dynamite combo. Need to get them together some time :P

  2. Ha ha... very sweet, Musica! My birthday wishes to the lil boy...