Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am a Smug Married:)

I loved this post on charade's blog. I was just thinking that I am so smug married:( . Actually I can no more hold conversations   without mentioning my kids or husband at least once. So my dear friends here are my moments when I discovered that I am  a smug married

  • Saturday, I was talking to Friend Sa who is married but works in a different city other than husband , who is kind of actually having best of both worlds of being married but staying independently. I asked her what she was doing and she said nothing, just lazing around, for which I replied I baked a loaf of bread, I am baking a cake,  all the while supervising craft work of my daughter. Sa knowing me from 11 years must have attributed it to my hormones and changed the topic.( Lord, why did u have to make me project my self as a superwoman to Sa who knows in and out of me for 11 years?)
  • Was talking to colleague V, who is a sweet newly married bride, she said she dint cook at all during weekend, I told her that Oh my god V, eating out all 6 times, you guys will get stomach infections.How difficult is it to cook something.(Why lord, why did u make me forget my good old mera maggi wala early marriage days?)
  • Talking to Mom on the phone, all the while instructing Kulla not to open the  kitchen drawers and bring out vessels.( I am sorry mom, having to cut the call, since kulla would have banged my LCD T.V with Milk cooker if I had waited for few more  minutes.)
  • Talking to S(husband ) over the phone while combing kulli's hair.I yelled at  kulli, not to shake head and stand straight, so S replied how could  I know what he was doing? Since he  was just sitting on the office chair with wheels , and not standing.( Dint bother to explain, just told him that it was for kulli and not for you)
So Charade, thanks for letting me realize  that I am also a smug married .:)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mind your English

 I am not an authority of  English language. With computers and MS word, I think I have even forgotten basic spellings, but I am proud to say that with all my years spent on Wren and Martin grammar book, I  spot grammatical errors a little too easily.

Now coming to this ad in the radio where in a husband  comes home late, and he says he was in conference room and network does not catch there, and the wife says then catch this and throws vessels. I guess its DO como 's ad. I was horrified to know  that the ad maker has not even realized that Network does not catch is not proper English.

When we talk to fiends, or family I guess its alright to do such obvious errors, but come on its on Radio and nobody told that poor guy that it is wrong English:(

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crows, bees , trees

 I live in an apartment complex which is luckily surrounded by some green space around it. Hence squirrels, mynas and  pigeons visit our balconies often. From past one month there is a colony of bees which  have  mistaken  humans to be friendly. First they built their hive in of the balconies , our pest control guys actually sprayed some chemical which made their colony un usable. Then they made a hive in one of the  lower floors, this time they  burnt  down the hive. The next morning, i felt sad to be walking on a bed of  dead bees.
Now, the point is  people in our apartment, are not wrong in bringing the hive down, since they build very close for comfort right in the balconies where  we dry clothes, keep plants, kids walk around. But at the same time, there are no more huge  trees in Bangalore, so where do bees go? Where do they build their colony?

India has suddenly woken up to benefits of haldi,  honey and  ghee but what are we doing to produce them?
We are demolishing trees in the name of road widening, apartments and malls so  honey bees and even crows have become rare. Gone are the days when I used be woken up by my deep slumber in the afternoon by some crow , now I long to see a crow and have not seen one from many a days.

Every body seems to have noticed the  disappearance of  sparrow but I have seen even crows disappear in my part of Bangalore.