Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Frustrating :(

I am getting root canal treatment done . So I  can hear the the dentist's drill even in my sleep. On top of that I am having bad cold and headache. I have not gone for walk nor to the gym from Thursday. Office sucks. People in next cubicle are talking at top of their voices, which is making my head burst.

The girly boy, who is more girly, than a 16 year old girl, is trying to show off by giving a lecture on Mutual funds , next to my cubicle

The idlies  , even after 15 mins weren't cooked properly in the morning. Dint realize it until  I served them.

Chutney spilled out of mixie jar, as I switched it on, since I had added a bit too much of water.

Kulli, created a ruckus for wearing a sweater , and went to school crying.

All that I want to do now is sleep on my sofa , reading a juicy fiction and gazing at the sky every now and then from my balcony.But I am in office

Finally 102.9 is playimg kaha se aaye badara, may be this will calm me down.

Leaving you with this link from youtube.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kulli & Kulla speaks

Kulla has to see his Akka as soon as he gets up. Kulli will be getting ready to go to school on most of the days, by the time he wakes up.But still she runs to him and holds his hand and bring him out of the room.

Kulla: Still rolling sleepily on the  bed  shouts Akka , Akka
I am combing Kulli's hair in the  hall
Kulli: Wait Kulla, I am getting my hair combed
kulla: Akka, Please
Kulli: Amma I have to go, he said please.
Then I let her go, and sent a prayer to lord to keep them close always.

Kulli is singing
Kulli: krishna nee begana
Kulla: Baro
Kulli Very good kulla

Had taken both kids to republic day function in the appartment.
Me: Kulla come, lets go home
Kulla: No beda (dont want)
Me: Why? Yake?
Kulla: Bore

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Treadmill


Dear Treadmill.

                         I know you can not read this but I would look stupid if I spoke to you , hence this letter to pour my heart out.
                       Why is that, you do not have some kind of auto sensor? See in the  morning, I was  running at 8.5 km/hr at inclination 1, but after 2 minutes I felt I could not run, so I expected you to slow down to say probably 7, so that I continue, catch my breath , but you being the mean guy you stuck on to 8.5, I being the stubborn  one, continued to pull my fat self for 20 more seconds and then just pressed the  stop button when I felt that my heart would explode. We dint have to create this scene, isn't it?You could have done something slowed down and make me look graceful to other inhabitants in the gym.
                     Why treadmill why? Why don't you do some magic make me burn say 300 calories , without much effort, and make me lose weight in a jiffy. Why should I struggle so much to burn just a meager 200 calories? Don't you like me at all?
                    Why did you make me trip on my lace and  fall, like  a heap, in front of that thin lady of 35 with two kids and her trainer?Couldn't you just stop or just beep, so that I could pause tie my lace? Do you have to be so mean always?
                   Last but not the least, I hate you as much as you hate me. But what to do I need to lose weight , and so I come every morning.

Yours Unlovingly,
Lady with black pant and Grey T  Shirt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slap her , her kids go to Day care

I was going for a walk around my apartment, when I met this aunty who is MIL of one of my friend. Find the conversation below:-

Me: Hello aunty Namaste, so when did you come ?
Aunty:Namaste beta, came on Sunday
Me: So uncle is all right, has he also come back?
Aunty: Yes, he is at home. By the way how is your son, he must be almost a year. And your daughter , badi payri bachhi, she must be going to school now, you must be having some time now.See I was telling you everything settles down. So come home tommrow at 11 am, lets have tea at my place.
Me: Thank you Aunty, but I have started working, so please do come home on saturday , lets have tea.
Aunty: So what about bache ? Who is taking care?
Me: They are going to Day care.Thank god we found a good one.
At this point aunty stops walking , hold my hand
Aunty: See you have finance problem? loans are more? husband ke kammai kam hogaya kya?
Me: No aunty, nothing like that in fact S got a promotion why?
Aunty: Phir why are you working, as if u have less to eat and wear.
Me: Aunty , I work becoz I like to work, I have enuff to eat and wear.
Aunty: Jab bacche bigadjayenge, then you will know. Then you can do nothing. A child will always need its mother.If u dont want to do that job of looking after kids, then who will do it.
Me: Phone rings, ok aunty bye bye

So  Moral of the story is I am branded a vamp who is working in spite of 2 kids , not because I have nothing to eat and drink ,but becoz I want to.

Now coming to the point, this Aunty always watches T.V right from Sanskar in the morning till late night serials. Her DIL hates her, since she plays T.V at loud volume which disturbs her kid's sleep as well as study time.Her DIL is frustrated every time she is here.Wish I could tell all this to the Aunty.:(

I have stopped  reacting to all such sundry comments from a long time.I just shrug and feel sorry for the Aunty who is probably full of negative thoughts about everybody. I will do what is good for me and my kids. I don't want to end up as a  frustrated mom, staying at home, who plonks her kids in front of mindless cartoons to get some rest, which her DIL does.

Anyways the point is , its very easy to pass judgment on a working women with kids.And people some how assume that they  have a right to make you feel guilty.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tyagaraja Aradhana

  • Today is Pushya Bahula Panchami

  • Today is Tyagaraja Aradhana at Tiruvayur . Miss seeing it live in apna DD.

  • Tyagaraja  Aradhana was started by a Kannadiga named Nagarathnamma .
  •   Tyagaraja's deity was Sri Rama
  •   Tyagaraja worshipped Rama nama  91 crore times in 21 years and is believed to have seen  Rama .
  •  Madras Music Academy was inaugurated by Mysore maharajah

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pause and think

   During the last week of December we had been to Mangalore. The entire ghat section was filled with huge lorries transporting  petrol and gas. We got stuck behind them, could not overtake them since the  roads were very narrow and this increased our driving time by an hour or so.
Today when I was driving to work I was thinking that all  lorries should be banned on the roads of Bangalore, since I was stuck behind a huge lorry transporting iron rods. Now that I have reached office, and I am sane, I have realized that all these are essential services.

The BBMP guys who pick up waste, without them our dustbins will always be full. And one day they dont turn up, U can see overflowing dustbins on the  roads, with dogs fighting over the garbage. They are doing us a service.

The truck, lorry drivers who have a bad reputation of spreading AIDS, deserve a Sashtanga Namaskara . They leave homes, live on roads, transporting essential stuff like milk, petrol, veggies, fruits , cars and what not. Our nation will come to a standstill without them.

Then the construction workers, who are actually paid a mere sum of 200 Rs a day, risking their lives to build flyovers, apartments, drains. They are  underrated and under paid.

The maids whom everybody complains about  zero loyalty, not punctual doesn't work properly blah blah, she is also a human being, who does all the dirty work which we ourselves don't want to do in our houses. How do you expect her to give 100% everyday, when she might have got beaten by her husband the previous night.

The Traffic/  Police, I know they are fat, corrupt lazy etc. But think of standing in the sun for 8 hours a day,drinking carbon monoxide you realize their worth. But yes corruption is not an excuse for all this.

Then the sales people at Big Bazaar, Central, Total etc , they fold and refold clothes seen by us, arrange things pack things , bill things for us , amazing amount of patience is required in their job.

Lastly our BMTC drivers, conductors,  driving monsters , without  power steering, rock hard brakes and clutch, with full capacity and within time limits in such bad traffic everyday with just one day leave per week.How many of us want to be in their shoes?

And finally here we are software engineers in A.C offices, driving 2/4 wheelers eating pizzas, dining out  every week, watching latest movie every now and then, changing jobs, buying houses and in general doing everything   we want to do .
Apart from helping the economy by spending  on stuff, and employing support staff like maids, day care, hous e keeping we absolutely do no service to nation or society.Have you paused today to think about it.?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Types of Drivers

  I spend good 80 mins on road while commuting to  work and back . And I thought , I will classify and list the  kind of drivers I meet here:). Note the drivers are classified based on the  available sample .

Type 1: I am busy, I am in  a hurry 

You can find them on 2/4 wheelers. They honk all the time. They switch on the ignition when the timer reads 10 secs to green light By any chance you don't start your vehicle when the timer reads 5 secs to green, they start honking. They drive with purpose., and can rest only when  they reach the destination.You can find them squeezing through small places, in between vehicles when there is a traffic jam, so that they  get to move first when the jam clears.They drive as though, they are in a race and they have to come first. They drive with 100% concentration, without talking to co passengers. They act as though they are doing dome Yagna, and not just driving.I suggest you drive behind this driver not ahead, since he will always make place for you .Just follow him but maintain a safe distance.

 Type 2: Journey is important, not the destination.

This type of driver is generally a jolly good fellow. He might drive at  30 kms /hr even when the  road is empty
and he is on flyover. He will be  happy to give anybody and everybody  space. He will drive at his own pace , and will get irritated if people honk at him to move faster. This driver generally is admiring the road, reading the boards of shops , talking to his co passengers. Just sigh that he has all time in the world and overtake him.

Type 3: Don't challenge me by overtaking me

This kind of driver is generally going at admissible limits. But his ego is so inflated, that you overtake him and he will get pissed off and not rest until he overtakes you and gives u a maniacal grin. Stay away from such divers, they are half psychos already.

Type 4: I am itching for a fight

This kind of driver drives closer, breaks rules, jumps signals, and is ready to abuse  you with filthiest words at slightest pretext. He is sick , stay away. Give him way.

Type 5: I am super man

This kind of drivers generally  drive autos. They will drive zig zag, slip between two buses, mount on foot paths. Overtake  and give a taste of roller coaster to their passengers. They think they are actually incarnations of super man. Give way, he  will never grow up to face the  reality.

Yours truly falls  into Type 1 and Type 2 based depending on the  mood of the day.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

An apology to Kulli

Dear Kulli,
                    I am extremely sorry for what happened in the morning. I know you have holidays and you have a right to sleep in, but sweety I have to go to office. And I really need to leave home by 8am or else I will be stuck in endless traffic and my knees might just give away doing the endless dance of break, clutch and accelerator.

                    And also since u kulla, anna all of u got up late I was in soup this morning.Hence when u  refused to help me by wearing your clothes, and also accused me of never helping me with your clothes, I snapped at you , coz I felt  miserable, bcoz every morning I am the one who dresses you up.

So kulli, do forgive me ,for yelling at you and making you cry, that was not my intention in the first place.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feeling secure

       Every morning I  call up security desk of my apartment at around 4.50 am and ask him to open the gym. Last week I had called at around the  same time, when I went down to the gym it was closed, I had to again walk to the  security desk and ask him open it.Which wasted around 10 mins of my precious morning time.
       Hence this morning I called him at around 4.50 , got dressed and called him again at around 5 am just to remind him in case he has forgotten. As soon as I asked him if the  gym is open , he started yelling that how many time do I call him ,his supervisor has gone to open. I did not anyways back down and shouted back at  him saying what is his problem, why cant he just answer and shut up. I hung up, wore my shows and went down.

    In the Gym , his supervisor was switching on the lights , which means he must  have left after I called. I did my stretches, and was on the  treadmill, this supervisor  switched on the T.V and switched to  the  Ind vs Australia cricket match. I finished walking  and started running and he was still watching cricket match, it was 5 mins since I had started running, and he was just watching T.V.

  I was scared , I was just wondering what will I do since folks at home  would be sleeping, and there is no network in the Gym, I was preparing an action plan of kicking him in the groin and then hitting him with weights.And then run for my life.

   But he just changed the  channel to NDTV news after Shewag got out, that s like around 10 mins since I started  my treadmill and India won the toss and  he left the Gym.

   The point is I felt  vulnerable in my own surroundings becoz I am woman. Bcoz my mom, keeps telling me every time I call, don't go to Gym alone, go only if there  are ladies around. And some where in my subconscious mind, I was scared that her worst fears might come true.

   I have a 5 year old daughter of my own, do I warn that you need to be careful, not do anything alone and invite trouble. Do I warn her that you just cannot talk rough with a man, even if you are  right and he is just a small time employee? Do I tell her its better to be safe than sorry?

 I was thinking through this while driving to work and decided that I will tell my daughter to be careful, in terms of keeping a close watch and be alert when she is all alone. But also teach her self defense skills and probably Martial Arts also so that she can protect herself.

I am not blaming mom, she is still worried about her 30 year old, whom she considers as probably 13 year old. And also she belongs to a generation where in a woman is safe with her husband/father or brother. But I don't want my daughter to depend on somebody to feel safe and secure but depend on her instincts and her own skills.

By the  way , did u read what our Honble minister CC Patil said, that women need to dress up and cover themselves to avoid rape. Who the hell he thinks he is?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New year to you all.

    I  spent last week  of December in Mangalore , rolling in the beach and stuffing my face with food. Kulla kulli  had lot of fun, after escaping from Bangalore chilly weather.

New year resolution:
                                         To become a better Mother.                                                                   

Will end my first post of the year with this prayer

    " Sarve Janaha Sukino bavanthu"