Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pause and think

   During the last week of December we had been to Mangalore. The entire ghat section was filled with huge lorries transporting  petrol and gas. We got stuck behind them, could not overtake them since the  roads were very narrow and this increased our driving time by an hour or so.
Today when I was driving to work I was thinking that all  lorries should be banned on the roads of Bangalore, since I was stuck behind a huge lorry transporting iron rods. Now that I have reached office, and I am sane, I have realized that all these are essential services.

The BBMP guys who pick up waste, without them our dustbins will always be full. And one day they dont turn up, U can see overflowing dustbins on the  roads, with dogs fighting over the garbage. They are doing us a service.

The truck, lorry drivers who have a bad reputation of spreading AIDS, deserve a Sashtanga Namaskara . They leave homes, live on roads, transporting essential stuff like milk, petrol, veggies, fruits , cars and what not. Our nation will come to a standstill without them.

Then the construction workers, who are actually paid a mere sum of 200 Rs a day, risking their lives to build flyovers, apartments, drains. They are  underrated and under paid.

The maids whom everybody complains about  zero loyalty, not punctual doesn't work properly blah blah, she is also a human being, who does all the dirty work which we ourselves don't want to do in our houses. How do you expect her to give 100% everyday, when she might have got beaten by her husband the previous night.

The Traffic/  Police, I know they are fat, corrupt lazy etc. But think of standing in the sun for 8 hours a day,drinking carbon monoxide you realize their worth. But yes corruption is not an excuse for all this.

Then the sales people at Big Bazaar, Central, Total etc , they fold and refold clothes seen by us, arrange things pack things , bill things for us , amazing amount of patience is required in their job.

Lastly our BMTC drivers, conductors,  driving monsters , without  power steering, rock hard brakes and clutch, with full capacity and within time limits in such bad traffic everyday with just one day leave per week.How many of us want to be in their shoes?

And finally here we are software engineers in A.C offices, driving 2/4 wheelers eating pizzas, dining out  every week, watching latest movie every now and then, changing jobs, buying houses and in general doing everything   we want to do .
Apart from helping the economy by spending  on stuff, and employing support staff like maids, day care, hous e keeping we absolutely do no service to nation or society.Have you paused today to think about it.?


  1. really thoguhtful introspection done.

  2. Very true, S :(((
    Makes me pause and think too...