Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Types of Drivers

  I spend good 80 mins on road while commuting to  work and back . And I thought , I will classify and list the  kind of drivers I meet here:). Note the drivers are classified based on the  available sample .

Type 1: I am busy, I am in  a hurry 

You can find them on 2/4 wheelers. They honk all the time. They switch on the ignition when the timer reads 10 secs to green light By any chance you don't start your vehicle when the timer reads 5 secs to green, they start honking. They drive with purpose., and can rest only when  they reach the destination.You can find them squeezing through small places, in between vehicles when there is a traffic jam, so that they  get to move first when the jam clears.They drive as though, they are in a race and they have to come first. They drive with 100% concentration, without talking to co passengers. They act as though they are doing dome Yagna, and not just driving.I suggest you drive behind this driver not ahead, since he will always make place for you .Just follow him but maintain a safe distance.

 Type 2: Journey is important, not the destination.

This type of driver is generally a jolly good fellow. He might drive at  30 kms /hr even when the  road is empty
and he is on flyover. He will be  happy to give anybody and everybody  space. He will drive at his own pace , and will get irritated if people honk at him to move faster. This driver generally is admiring the road, reading the boards of shops , talking to his co passengers. Just sigh that he has all time in the world and overtake him.

Type 3: Don't challenge me by overtaking me

This kind of driver is generally going at admissible limits. But his ego is so inflated, that you overtake him and he will get pissed off and not rest until he overtakes you and gives u a maniacal grin. Stay away from such divers, they are half psychos already.

Type 4: I am itching for a fight

This kind of driver drives closer, breaks rules, jumps signals, and is ready to abuse  you with filthiest words at slightest pretext. He is sick , stay away. Give him way.

Type 5: I am super man

This kind of drivers generally  drive autos. They will drive zig zag, slip between two buses, mount on foot paths. Overtake  and give a taste of roller coaster to their passengers. They think they are actually incarnations of super man. Give way, he  will never grow up to face the  reality.

Yours truly falls  into Type 1 and Type 2 based depending on the  mood of the day.


  1. Good observation and classification, Musica! Absolutely agree :)

  2. @ Sum,
    Thanks Sum, Howz the wedding preparations going on?