Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Frustrating :(

I am getting root canal treatment done . So I  can hear the the dentist's drill even in my sleep. On top of that I am having bad cold and headache. I have not gone for walk nor to the gym from Thursday. Office sucks. People in next cubicle are talking at top of their voices, which is making my head burst.

The girly boy, who is more girly, than a 16 year old girl, is trying to show off by giving a lecture on Mutual funds , next to my cubicle

The idlies  , even after 15 mins weren't cooked properly in the morning. Dint realize it until  I served them.

Chutney spilled out of mixie jar, as I switched it on, since I had added a bit too much of water.

Kulli, created a ruckus for wearing a sweater , and went to school crying.

All that I want to do now is sleep on my sofa , reading a juicy fiction and gazing at the sky every now and then from my balcony.But I am in office

Finally 102.9 is playimg kaha se aaye badara, may be this will calm me down.

Leaving you with this link from youtube.

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