Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quiet morning.

This morning,got up as usual, finished morning ablutions and started cooking. Kulli got up at 5am, coughed and spit out the phlegm in the sink, and asked for a glass of hot water. Gave her that, all the while thinking that how grown up she is acting these days.

She drank water sitting on the sofa, all by herself , watching the rain from the balcony,put the cup in the sink, told me that  she is feeling better and went back to sleep.I patted myself on my back, thinking that she is kind of independent at 4 itself. I finished all my chores by 7.30, read newspaper after a long time . It was 7.45 and the house was still silent, kulla, kulli and S all of them being unwell and under cold medication were sleeping. With a heavy heart got dressed had breakfast, the  the maid who I assumed wont come since she generally comes at 6, walked in saying since it was raining the bus was late.
Finally at around 8am all three of them got up, since the maid dropped a vessel while washing, and woke them up. As I  waved to them they  sleepily waved at me still reluctant to get out of the blankets. With a heavy heart, I  came to work.

My house which resembles a mad house in the  morning, with kulli getting ready for school, kulla crawling al over behind his sis, was quiet and calm. I missed the normalcy and the madness today.I missed kulli sitting on the kitchen platform sipping complan and talking to me while I am cooking. I missed yelling at S to come out of the  bath soon, to take kulli to school bus. I missed giving bits of Idly from my plate to kulla, while eating breakfast .

In general I missed all those things which I always  complained on other days. I wish if I dint have to work I could have just stayed back snuggled and cuddled them, make them soup sip coffee with S.But had to come to work, besides I  have already flirted with SAHM  jig and wasnt happy doing it.

SO just prayed to god, to make them well soon and started to work.

So Sum, PP how was your morning today? And anybody else reading me, do give me a peek into your everyday mornings.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zindagi Milagi na dobara- Movie review

 I went to this movie at the newly opened theater at my place. Wait a minute, theater is the wrong word, it has to be multiplex. So it had been almost 3 years since we had been to the theater, so I was mentioning to S about it last monday. He promptly booked the ticket for this movie.

So requested the  maid  to come on saturday, and lied to her that I need to go to office:). I lied to kids also, cooked saaru, palya for lunch and was in theater which was around 5 mins drive from my place just in time for the movie to start.

The movie was like an ad for Spain tourism with 3 good looking guys. Abhay deol looked out of place.He was visibly uneasy with the role he was playing. Hritik was supposed to be an investment banker, but his walk, his pout he could supress it, his acting was like asking a 10th std fail to pretend like a PHD. Sorry in spite of having crush on hritik when I was in collage could not ignore the fact  that he lacks acting skills.He was not suitable for the  role he was playing. He was looking quite old also. Guess my teenage crush has become an old man, so S was reminding me that even I have become old ,sigh. Age dosen't spare Hritik roshan, so who am I:). Farhan was the  best among the three. This role was made for him.He was the only one who was convincing.

Song except one Senorita,  the others I don't even remember. Screenplay was the  saving grace, as their was an absence of story.
On the  whole, I felt I should have waited for 4 more months or even earlier to watch it on T.V than in theater.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Drama on 7/7/11

 I was peacefully working at office till 11am yesterday. My son was having slight fever and loose motions since morning, and I had parked thoughts about it, at the back of my mind and trying to work. I call my home at 12pm, and the phone rings and rings and nobody picks up. I get scared but assume that the maid must be in the bathroom, and hence the delay. Get caught up in work and I call up at 1, still no response.
At this point I get scared, I call up my neighbor  P. I explain that my son wasn't well. can you please check on him, since the maid is not picking up the call, and she generally calls me if there is an emergency but still please check.She says I am serving lunch to my husband will go after 15 mins. At this point I feel so helpless, and I call up my husband, who has switched off his cellphone. I tell my colleagues that I am leaving for the day. They try to console me probably the phone is dead, so why panic.Meanwhile I try my land line but still no response, and also  from my husband who works 2 km away from home.
I feel so helpless, that I begin to cry, and then P calls from home, she says every thing is fine. I can hear my maid begging her to pass the phone. My maid tells me, fever is little high, and she could see that there is mucus in his stools, the phone is dead, she is getting scared and asked to me come home. Now my maid is around 50 years, she comes in at 8am , and leaves by 6pm.She is an honest and loving grandma to my son. All the while P is abusing my maid in hindi, that why have you not picked the  phone, and why cant you buy a mobile phone.Don't scare madam
Anyways I get back home, I am shedding tears and praying god, all the while I am driving. meanwhile my husband picks up the call, I tell him about it and he starts to home immediately. Anyways by the time I reached home, my husband has given medicine for loose motions as well as fever and my son was sleeping.
In the evening, I take my son to the  doctor , and he asks us to continue the medicine. After coming back I go to P to thank her, she sees my face and starts abusing me, she says how can u think of having fun by going to work, when your son is so small and helpless. Dont tell me you have problems in getting ration if you dont work. people like you should not have kids. I am shocked but tell her that not all people are like her, some women have education and skill and they get jobs, and kids are trusted with good hands and brought up. Just becoz mothers  are at home, does not mean that their kids will turn out well.

Anyways my point is how easy is it, to pass a judgement that I am going to work to have fun? And I care a damn about my kids. Why the hell that a women's career not important as man's?

Life has become a big challenge for a working mother.Everybody seems to have an opinion and judgement to pass.And especially you have 2 kids and still work, they declare you as a Vamp who is greedy and selfish.

Kulla is now fine, and yeah I am at work. So please feel free to judge.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A 10 minute delay= 40 mins Delay

Every morning, I need to leave home  by 8am. Even if there is a 5 min or 10 min delay, then I end up reaching office by 9.10 instead of 8.30. This morning kulla isnt well, husband was in a call, the maid dint turn up. I was so tempted to just sit back , call in sick myself. But then the maid came, husband realized that its 8.10 and took kulla from me and  I started to office.
Kulla is at a stage where he has learn t to blackmail well, he sheds big tears when he sees me go outside the door,these tears stop even before the lift door closes. But his face stands in my memory and I keep thinking why the hell I am working.
So S keeps telling me dont make him a mama's boy. He stops crying within 5 mins after you leave, he just wants you to feel guilty.
Mother hood, and the guilt never seems to end.And looks like Kulla has learnt to cash in on my guilt

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What do you call your husband

The other day I was chatting with my neighbor, and her phone rang, she said oh Appa has called and she ran to pick up the phone.Now this lady is around 40 so, I casually inquired how is her father doing , for which she replied that her dad has passed away long time back.I was surprised but then thought she has a father figure among her relative whom she might be calling Appa. But after sometime while we were still chatting in the play area her husband's car entered the complex and she said oh Appa has come , will have to make coffee.I then realized that she was addressing her husband as Appa.I was surprised and found it extremely funny that a wife calling her husband as Appa.I am curious as to whether her husband address her as Amma ;).
Now I have grown up on a rich diet of Hindi movies.And there the hero's mother always has to address her husband as "hero  ke bapu suniye..."Blah I wonder what she was calling her husband before our hero was born.I believe it is our custom not to take husband's name, I wonder why and how was it originated.I am just guessing if it has its origin  in olden days due to child marriage, when the husband was much much older to his wife.Even then I wonder ,how the poor wife would refer to him in public before her child's birth.
In Kannada husband is most of the time referred to  as Yajamana.That means  the owner.For example If I was chatting with my neighbor and spot my husband entering the gate, then I have to say to her as my Yajamana has come I will have to go.I am really angry with this term of our language why is my husband referred to as my owner, am I his cow or goat.Anyways in India "pati parameshwar hota hai".
I was watching Friends sitcom the other day.In a particular episode Ross and Ratchel say to Feebie that they are calling each other Mommy and Daddy, so that their child Emma  picks it up soon.I think thats the logic my neighbors also used but then soon fell into the habit of calling each other Appa and Amma.
I address my husband by his name, so should I be worried that my kids also will do the same.Am I not intelligent enough to teach my kids to call him Appa. if not then god save my child from me:)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Musings from my morning drive

  • Girl in the  Volvo, sitting next to window, I know that you think you are pretty. Stop doing the silly gestures, since there is no Rajesh khanna around.
  • Dad with two kids on scooter, please please drive carefully, and don't squeeze in between two heavy vehicles. Our children are our responsibility
  • Aunty on the bike with her office going son, have fun till his wife comes.
  • Bus Driver digging his nose, please stop. And I am glad , I am in the car, or else your prasad would fall on my head.
  • Guy who is in the car next to me and shouting using blue tooth, calm down , take deep breath.
  • Fashionable lady with an ugly frown in a swanky BMW next to me, its ok stop frowning. There are at least 20 of us admiring your BMW.And for everything in this world you need to pay a price.