Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A quiet morning.

This morning,got up as usual, finished morning ablutions and started cooking. Kulli got up at 5am, coughed and spit out the phlegm in the sink, and asked for a glass of hot water. Gave her that, all the while thinking that how grown up she is acting these days.

She drank water sitting on the sofa, all by herself , watching the rain from the balcony,put the cup in the sink, told me that  she is feeling better and went back to sleep.I patted myself on my back, thinking that she is kind of independent at 4 itself. I finished all my chores by 7.30, read newspaper after a long time . It was 7.45 and the house was still silent, kulla, kulli and S all of them being unwell and under cold medication were sleeping. With a heavy heart got dressed had breakfast, the  the maid who I assumed wont come since she generally comes at 6, walked in saying since it was raining the bus was late.
Finally at around 8am all three of them got up, since the maid dropped a vessel while washing, and woke them up. As I  waved to them they  sleepily waved at me still reluctant to get out of the blankets. With a heavy heart, I  came to work.

My house which resembles a mad house in the  morning, with kulli getting ready for school, kulla crawling al over behind his sis, was quiet and calm. I missed the normalcy and the madness today.I missed kulli sitting on the kitchen platform sipping complan and talking to me while I am cooking. I missed yelling at S to come out of the  bath soon, to take kulli to school bus. I missed giving bits of Idly from my plate to kulla, while eating breakfast .

In general I missed all those things which I always  complained on other days. I wish if I dint have to work I could have just stayed back snuggled and cuddled them, make them soup sip coffee with S.But had to come to work, besides I  have already flirted with SAHM  jig and wasnt happy doing it.

SO just prayed to god, to make them well soon and started to work.

So Sum, PP how was your morning today? And anybody else reading me, do give me a peek into your everyday mornings.


  1. :))) Saw my name at the end after reading through the post and imagining your home and was pleasantly surprised!!
    Well, now that the kids were silent for one day, you'd've realized how nice all those things were, which you were cribbing about, rt? May be only when we don't have something for a while that we had taken for granted, we'll realize how much we need that!

    Well, of late, my mornings are not that great... i should do something to start liking it... i just don't feel like getting up, to face another day... I seem to be appearing like i have lost something... i SHOULD do something to bring back the josh...
    Your post kinda made me realize it... thanks!

    Wishes to your family to get well soon :) Have a great day!

  2. Pleasant surprise to be mentioned in your blog :).
    My kid is recovering from viral and I am down with it :(. But I usually getup late in the mornings as I work the UK hours (so we are all up till 12 in the night..including Rishi). Made egg burji..the andhra mess style and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Sonny boy still refusing to touch food.

    Had a cup of tea with hubby and off to work after dropping kiddo to mom's place. Actually my mornings are pretty relaxed...

    Hope everyone at home recovers quicly and more that you dont catch the bug. take care.

  3. And If I a new dress for yourself and cleanup your wardrobe and discard all the clothes you know you are never going to wear and just keep all the good dresses in wearable condition, you know..nicely ironed and stuff (just saying..your wardrobe might already be clean unlike mine. If I get the churidar top I dont manage to find the bottom sometimes. I am better nowadays though)..never fails to perk me up. Feel like getting dressed and going to office :P

  4. @ Sum,
    I understand what you are going through. But remember what king solomon said" this too shall pass". What can I say, when you feel I am just lost in the flow of life, and everything seems a routine and there is nothing much you can do about it. Hold on , this too shall pass.

    @ PP,
    You lucky gal, you get to beat the traffic, be sensible and happy in the mornings.
    Thanks for letting me peep in your mornings, lovely busy ladies.

  5. :)
    Thank you, Priya... Yup! Will do that... in fact part of my wardrobe was cleaned last week and the rest is still in a mess... now i have some inspiration to do it! Loved your advice :)

    Musica, Thanks! Yup, this too shall pass, is one of our latest fav lines!

    BTW, this morning was much better - got up to find that in laws were late and hadn't started cooking, and loved cooking breakfast and lunch myself, making my fav menu in my style! And i was a happy one too, chatting away with D happily on the way to work :)

  6. Hey Musica, Hope the little ones and hubby are doing better today. And the weekend went fine...

    I can understand the early morning stress but if you dont have it for 1 day it feels like you are missing something na?

  7. Hey Musica! Everything alright?? haven't heard from you for a while... en samachara? hows everything?