Monday, December 20, 2010

Kulli Speaks

 My kulli did not talk full sentences until she was  2 years old. At around 2 years she started talking so much now, there is no stopping her.

Scene  1:
Kulli: Mama i need to give bath to my bear.
Me:OK lets do it fast.
Me: After  a hurried bath , to kulli and bear , I am wring the bear dry
Kulli : Mama don't hurt my bear, don't cause Abbu, just wipe it with the towel. and put it in the balcony.

Scene 2:
We are driving back home @ around 11pm, a cop @ the brigade road stops our car, and asks my husband to breathe into a breath analyzer.
Sleepy Kulli: Anna why did u roar like a tiger and scare the policeman.

Scene 3;
Kulli is trying to stuff a paper into my wardrobe, between my clothes.
Me: Hey what is that?
Kulli: Its a secret letter to Santa Claus.
Me:What is in the secret?
Kulli ;I told u know ,its a secret, I cannot tell you.
After she goes out, I open that letter and see that she has written A,B,C etc.

Life with my kulli and kulla is filled with such gems.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fiction- Yellow Gerberas

As in all arranged marriages, one fine day a boy met a girl.They agreed to get married.They got married shortly after they met. The girl was a die hard romantic.She told the boy that she loved flowers, hoping he will get her some.But the boy dint take the hint.Then she told him, to get flowers,since she appreciates flowers more than anything else, but he dint get them.Finally she started buying flowers for herself, since she knew nobody would buy them for her.After having a child, she stopped buying flowers for herself. Her child's smile would bring her much more happiness than any flower could bring.Then one day after all her tasks were done, her husband in office and the daughter in school, while reading newspaper she died of Heart Attack.
Her husband and daughter came home and found her dead. And for her funeral he ordered her favorite flowers the Yellow Gerberas.He remembered that she always said these yellow flowers always bought her happiness and made her feel cheerful.As her casket was lowered in her grave, he wished she saw the yellow Gerberas which was all above her coffin. Strangely even then, he dint feel he should have got her some when she was alive.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Motherhood and all that Jazz

When my kulli was born, I had decided that the coveted crown of "worlds best mom", which lay unclaimed all these centuries will be won by me. I made resolutions that I will never shout at my child, never hit her etc.Then came the reality from the day one.My daughter was colicky, never slept until 3am till a year old. And hence that resulted in a ever cranky mother that is me. I fed her only at 3 hour interval as directed by the doctor, read her books and in general concentrated all my time on doing it the right way. But my daughter the monster grew up and she had a mind of her own. The first time I yelled at her I cried myself to sleep. Then I went back to work, she went to day care. Cooking, cleaning, and kulli frequently falling sick made me a wreck. Around this time she was 2 yrs and she started getting naughty and throwing unreasonable tantrums.I do not exactly remember when, but she started getting light pats on her bum, every now and then. And now I know how that "Best mom" crown has slipped away from me.Becoz I am the Real mom. I do get angry, I do shout and spank my child.I have my ups and downs in a day, and I hate to admit that.

Now with the second one, my kulla who is 5 month old things have changed.There is no fixed timetable.He has to work around his sister's routine.He is not read, nor fed every 3 hours. He is fed when he asks for.He is dragged along everywhere,including schools for which his sister was called for observation. I put him in a pram and take him out when kulli goes out to play.So far so good(touch wood).I guess with second one my obsession to be a textbook parent is gone. I go with the flow and stopped aiming for perfection.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Home Bangalore

Long long ago, there was a small sleepy place called as Bangalore. It was also known as Pensioners paradise, garden city etc. That was long ago mind you, about 30 years ago.There were huge rain trees on both sides of the road, traffic non existent and in general it was a peaceful place.

Now it is known as Bengaluru, silicon city of India. It has huge malls, sky rise buildings, international schools you name it you have it.But now it also has pollution, frequent traffic jams, high crime rate . Its a city of chaos now.

I am person who is born and brought up in Bangalore. And it pains to see my city like this. Anyways this post is to list some old places to eat in bangalore, which still retains the essence.

1. MTR the old one at Lalbagh road.
2. CTR, near Malleshwaram ground.
3. Janatha Hotel, 8th cross Malleshwaram.
4. Chalukya near Basava Bhavan.
5. Corner house, the old one @ the junction of residency road and MG road.
6. Vidyarthi Bhavan near Gandhi Bazaaar.
7. Gullu's chat, sheshadripuram.
8. Veena stores Malleshwaram , Margosa Road.
9. Bhagyalaxmi Gulkund malleshwarm Sampige road.
10.Subbamana Angadi , Gandhi Bazaar.

I have visited all the above places as a child, and still visit most of them whenever I am in those areas.Hopefully my readers will be able to get a taste of old Bangalore when they visit these places.