Friday, December 17, 2010

Fiction- Yellow Gerberas

As in all arranged marriages, one fine day a boy met a girl.They agreed to get married.They got married shortly after they met. The girl was a die hard romantic.She told the boy that she loved flowers, hoping he will get her some.But the boy dint take the hint.Then she told him, to get flowers,since she appreciates flowers more than anything else, but he dint get them.Finally she started buying flowers for herself, since she knew nobody would buy them for her.After having a child, she stopped buying flowers for herself. Her child's smile would bring her much more happiness than any flower could bring.Then one day after all her tasks were done, her husband in office and the daughter in school, while reading newspaper she died of Heart Attack.
Her husband and daughter came home and found her dead. And for her funeral he ordered her favorite flowers the Yellow Gerberas.He remembered that she always said these yellow flowers always bought her happiness and made her feel cheerful.As her casket was lowered in her grave, he wished she saw the yellow Gerberas which was all above her coffin. Strangely even then, he dint feel he should have got her some when she was alive.