Monday, September 19, 2011

Be the change you want to see

 Last week was a very stressful week. I used to reach home by 8.30 pm everyday, then eat and sleep.Next day get up at 5.30 cook and rush to office. Everyday Kulli would create a ruckus and I would yell at her and things would get out of hand. I was turning into a woman nobody like to deal with. So decided to make changes.

Got up at 4am like I used to do before, told myself that I have to be happy today. Cooked till 5am, went  to gym, which I had stopped from 2 weeks, walked on the treadmill for 20 mins.used the  rowing machine for 5 mins, did 12 squats came back fully charged. All the time watched news, so saved the time of reading newspaper.I came back home fully charged and happy. Had a big cup of coffee, sitting in the balcony had bath prepared idly and chutney packed boxes, so I was calm , cool composed and done with all work by 6.30am.

I woke up kulli at 6.30, told her a story , fed her milk and gave her bath gave an idly and voila she was happy and so was I. Meanwhile kulla got up and kulli was already ready, so pampered kulla also for few minutes.No crying, no screaming, no shouting at S for not helping.touch wood

So I took a decision to be happy , coz I want my kids to be happy.And also I realized that last 2 weeks I was miserable coz, I had not hit the gym.
My advise to all moms, and what the hell ,all woman make your self happy and people around you will also be happy.Good mood,happiness is contagious. (touchwood)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Make me a better person

Today is one of those days, when I have screamed at my daughter for no fault of hers. I forgot that she is just a child of 4 years.
I woke her up at 6.30 and she dint want to wake up, somehow got her teeth brushed gave her milk , went to have my bath. When I came from bath to find her dozing on the  sofa with the milk glass in her hand. At this point of time, i lost it, time was already 6.50, i still had to  make idlies, get ready, get kulli ready. S was not even awake.I yelled at her and told her that if u dont want , you dont have to go to school. Then with great difficulty sleepily she  finished her milk, S got up and gave her a bath. Again she started crying that she dint  get face  powder.Then I did something very bad and I am ashamed of now, i screamed at her and told her I am not talking to her and she can go to sleep. She cried for 15 minutes, it was 7.25 when she came out of teh room, she had forgiven me, I combed her hair, put her shoes , by then S had got up, finished his bath, and I sent her to the bus stop with S.

The moral here is: I am claiming that I will always be there for my daughter. And how could I not ignore a 4 year old sleepiness. S does more than any husband does, in terms of   kids, but still Why I could not ignore his 10 minutes of extra sleep,, when I knew that he would be working late at night and would have slept  only by 1am. Why am I turning into a monster, whom I  hate?

God please make me a better person.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Letter to Kulli who turned 4

Kulli you are my first baby, and very very close to my heart. Because with you , I grew up and became a mother. You taught me everything about motherhood. Love you so much because of your poise, grace and your gentle soul.Kulli you  have made mine and Anna's (S) realtionship stronger. I value him and appreciate  him more , since you were born.

Some pointers from your ageing mother of 30.

  • Remember  Kulli, I will always be there for you.
  • Work hard, women need to have financial independence.
  • Take care of your skin and  maintain a steady weight. looking good will give you confidence.
  • Kulli, I badly want you to learn music and sing in Chennai Kacheris.
  • I want you to marry the man I choose.
  • You really need to eat well, and become strong.Women need all strength in the world.
  • Remember you will always be equal to your brother.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back from a Break

August saw our Family down with Viral fever. First S, then kulli, kulla and finally myself were down with Viral fever.

So that took away the first three weeks of August, when all I did was take care of the kids, working from home when possible , and half heatedly at office when not possible.

September 4 th, my sis got married. So the last week of August was spent shopping for kulla and kulli.With the money spent on Kulla , kullis clothes and accessories, I would have bought myself a Kanjivaram.

So here I am back at office, doing the juggling act of a working mom again.

So regular posting will resume hence forth