Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back from a Break

August saw our Family down with Viral fever. First S, then kulli, kulla and finally myself were down with Viral fever.

So that took away the first three weeks of August, when all I did was take care of the kids, working from home when possible , and half heatedly at office when not possible.

September 4 th, my sis got married. So the last week of August was spent shopping for kulla and kulli.With the money spent on Kulla , kullis clothes and accessories, I would have bought myself a Kanjivaram.

So here I am back at office, doing the juggling act of a working mom again.

So regular posting will resume hence forth


  1. Welcome back! I was wondering where you disappeared!

  2. @ Sum:Thanks Sum.Loved you for noticing that I have dissapeared. Hows deep? Need to catch up on his adventures.

  3. I missed you and the stories about kulla kulli and yourself. Welcome back

  4. And Musica, got to tell you this, August has been not such a good month for me either..what with Rishi falling ill with viral fever 4 times ina span of 40 days. He has been diagnosed with vitamin D defeciency, one I thought never to look for. Make sure your kids get enough sunshine and some codliver oil pills..