Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Letter to Kulli who turned 4

Kulli you are my first baby, and very very close to my heart. Because with you , I grew up and became a mother. You taught me everything about motherhood. Love you so much because of your poise, grace and your gentle soul.Kulli you  have made mine and Anna's (S) realtionship stronger. I value him and appreciate  him more , since you were born.

Some pointers from your ageing mother of 30.

  • Remember  Kulli, I will always be there for you.
  • Work hard, women need to have financial independence.
  • Take care of your skin and  maintain a steady weight. looking good will give you confidence.
  • Kulli, I badly want you to learn music and sing in Chennai Kacheris.
  • I want you to marry the man I choose.
  • You really need to eat well, and become strong.Women need all strength in the world.
  • Remember you will always be equal to your brother.


  1. Happy Birthday Kulli. That was such a sweet letter, but If I may..would marrying a man of her choice be that bad??

  2. @ PP: Hey dint know about that at all.I mean vitamin D deficiency, how did you know about it.
    Need to take my kids out more.

  3. My son got the same viral attack four times within span of 40 days. Blood checkup and we found that his vitamin D was 1/8th of what it should be and his body had lost most immunity. Seems like not many of us are aware of how there is no vitamin D in vegetarian food. The only source is sunlight for us.