Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend it was

   I slept at 8.30 pm on friday without even having food. Saturday S had to go to office, hence made Ragi dosa with chutney pudi for breakfast.  Spent the entire morning just playing around with kids. In the  afternoon picked up the book , sea of poppies by Amitava gosh. Good  read, but kind of left me wanting for more at the end. left me wondering what happened to the people , did they reach Mauritius or not? I was watching Javed Ali on MTV  unplugged , he sounded so much like  Sonu Nigam. Even his inspiration is Mohmd Rafi. Its kind of sad, somebody of his caliber tries to sound like  Sonu. Or  I was just prejudiced, since S dint feel that he sounded like  Sonu.

I was up reading the  book till 4 am in the morning. Hence got up with a heavy head on Sunday. Lazed around till  S made me coffee, finished reading even spiritual tree in the morning itself.  Made rava idly for breakfast , and vegetable parota for lunch. Watched Dosti in the  evening  with Kulli on Z classic. Wonderful movie, lovely and kulli shed tears together. And in the evening caught up with Swaratma and shubha mudgal  on Dewarists , Star Plus., watched Mysore heard kannada , it was great. I wish someday I catch them live.Dewarists is a wondeful, wonderful must watch program.

Finished the  usual chores of ironing, cutting vegetables and watched an episode of House with S after the  kids slept.

Oh I forgot to mention, that I parked my car on friday and went into my house , and stepped out only today, dint go to gym, nor for a walk, just spent the entire weekend watching out of my  window.

So how was your weekend?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wishlist on a cold rainy day!

My wish list  on a   cold rainy  day
  1. Drinking a cup of  bisi bisi  filter coffee the moment I brush my teeth and come in to the kitchen
  2. Sipping the  coffee  slowly by watching the morning unfold through the balcony, wrapping blankets over sleeping kids and hubby.
  3. A declared holiday just to my office.
  4. Watching kids play , fight, fall over each other, all the while reading a juicy fiction.
  5. Eating hot anna, saaru, Akki happla sandige for lunch.
  6. Sleeping with  a child on each side, their hot breath  and small hands around my neck under the  blanket.
  7. Drink hot coffee and eat  home made khara bun for snacks.
  8. Watch the night set in and curl up with kids by 9pm.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Its a Problem only if u think it is

Long long time ago there lived a girl who was young, stupid and a worry pot.She would worry over every silly simple thing. There was a constant frown on her face  always. Then she finished her graduation all the while thinking whether she would land a job. Once in  the job, would check the same things hundred and one times and worry about appraisal. Then she got married and started her life  with usual worries of a young bride. She would continue to be the same worry pot but life had other plans.

She was pregnant with her first child and then she gave birth to a beautiful sweet daughter. And this daughter of her's put all her parenting theories to a dustbin.She would not sleep ,keep her mother awake till 3 am everyday un till she was 1, not eat was underweight, but was a very pleasant and lovable sharp child.

Her mother the worry pot,  one day just realized that over the  last year since her daughter's birth, she has not worried over anything. She has not bothered to worry if she looks good, parents, in laws happy, did her resignation from her job make her financially dependent , absolutely nothing.

She lived life each day , as dictated by her child. And that was actually right. From that particular day , till date , the mother lives every day as it comes, just taking things as life offers on that  particular day,
Also you can get up today and decide be happy and actually just that decision will keep you in good spirits.

And yes the Mother , the former worry pot is me. And my little guru is Kulli. And having Kulla has reinforced my belief in taking life as it comes

Thank you kulli and kulla for making me a better person. The lessons you both teach me , can never be learn t  anywhere.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My take on what a woman wants

  • After PP wrote  about what does a woman want, I thought let me also add to PP’s list.
1.        A magical  pill when taken will always keep you slim, no matter what you eat. It should be a one time drug,   and not expensive at all.
2.       Healthy skin, healthy hair
3.       Healthy happy children.
4.       A good collection of books.
5.       Some Magic wand, by which the house becomes spotless.
6.       Recipes which always come  out perfect,
7.       Some machine which folds clothes.

        What do you say , asking too much?