Monday, November 21, 2011

Its a Problem only if u think it is

Long long time ago there lived a girl who was young, stupid and a worry pot.She would worry over every silly simple thing. There was a constant frown on her face  always. Then she finished her graduation all the while thinking whether she would land a job. Once in  the job, would check the same things hundred and one times and worry about appraisal. Then she got married and started her life  with usual worries of a young bride. She would continue to be the same worry pot but life had other plans.

She was pregnant with her first child and then she gave birth to a beautiful sweet daughter. And this daughter of her's put all her parenting theories to a dustbin.She would not sleep ,keep her mother awake till 3 am everyday un till she was 1, not eat was underweight, but was a very pleasant and lovable sharp child.

Her mother the worry pot,  one day just realized that over the  last year since her daughter's birth, she has not worried over anything. She has not bothered to worry if she looks good, parents, in laws happy, did her resignation from her job make her financially dependent , absolutely nothing.

She lived life each day , as dictated by her child. And that was actually right. From that particular day , till date , the mother lives every day as it comes, just taking things as life offers on that  particular day,
Also you can get up today and decide be happy and actually just that decision will keep you in good spirits.

And yes the Mother , the former worry pot is me. And my little guru is Kulli. And having Kulla has reinforced my belief in taking life as it comes

Thank you kulli and kulla for making me a better person. The lessons you both teach me , can never be learn t  anywhere.


  1. Lovely...I wish I could reach the same place that you are in :)

  2. I too wish! But i still have a looooooooooong way to go.... literally and otherwise :)