Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend it was

   I slept at 8.30 pm on friday without even having food. Saturday S had to go to office, hence made Ragi dosa with chutney pudi for breakfast.  Spent the entire morning just playing around with kids. In the  afternoon picked up the book , sea of poppies by Amitava gosh. Good  read, but kind of left me wanting for more at the end. left me wondering what happened to the people , did they reach Mauritius or not? I was watching Javed Ali on MTV  unplugged , he sounded so much like  Sonu Nigam. Even his inspiration is Mohmd Rafi. Its kind of sad, somebody of his caliber tries to sound like  Sonu. Or  I was just prejudiced, since S dint feel that he sounded like  Sonu.

I was up reading the  book till 4 am in the morning. Hence got up with a heavy head on Sunday. Lazed around till  S made me coffee, finished reading even spiritual tree in the morning itself.  Made rava idly for breakfast , and vegetable parota for lunch. Watched Dosti in the  evening  with Kulli on Z classic. Wonderful movie, lovely and kulli shed tears together. And in the evening caught up with Swaratma and shubha mudgal  on Dewarists , Star Plus., watched Mysore heard kannada , it was great. I wish someday I catch them live.Dewarists is a wondeful, wonderful must watch program.

Finished the  usual chores of ironing, cutting vegetables and watched an episode of House with S after the  kids slept.

Oh I forgot to mention, that I parked my car on friday and went into my house , and stepped out only today, dint go to gym, nor for a walk, just spent the entire weekend watching out of my  window.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Collected my son's first report card..what a thrill..check out my FB pics..