Monday, May 30, 2011

A Thank you and a Sorry.

 I have started working. Now how I mange, how the kids are coping up, I will reserve it for another post. This morning, I set out to work ,which is a half an hour drive from home. 5 mins from my home, a  lady who was going on the bike, with her husband told me, that the wiper of my rear glass was on. I thanked her and switched off the wiper. It stopped midway and I had to get down to correct it. But thought will do it once I reach office. Forgot all about it. Was busy driving while surfing FM channels. At a signal light, I heard a noise from the rear end of my car. I decided whoever has hit, will have it from me. Turned back to see  2 guys on scooty. Switched off my car and he started coming towards my window, and he said, I just pushed your wiper back. And before I could say anything he went ahead. Anyways I started my car, chased him and said Sorry and also Thank you.
The point is why is it , that  the first thing that comes to my  mind, is something or someone is bad. Probably the road, traffic people have turned me into a cynic.
That is the reason, why I need my dose of kulla, and kulli every morning, they make me see the world in a different way. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five lessons of Motherhood.

I loved this tag from Kiran's blog. Had to do it, since kind of facing a writer's block.

1. You cannot raise your children without spanking them or raising your voice.
2.Everything else is secondary when it comes to your children.
    Career, money, sleep, beauty nothing matters. All that matters is your child.How else could I explain,  2 career breaks in a span of 5 years.
3.My life is important just bcoz I need to be there for my kids.Hence cant take risks.
4.Potty, susu, vomit, diarrhea ,snot, phlegm, mucus nothing can make me throw up.
   I have washed bums in between having lunch or dinner and just continued to eat, once the business is done.
5. And  I do believe in tears of joys now. I would laugh at it, when I would watch in films. But now I do believe in them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bollywood dance and Kids

 My kulli is almost 4 year old. She loves to dance. Luckily her playschool makes her dance only to kiddo songs. I do not watch any music channels, hence she isnt addicted to sheela or munni. Believe it or not, I had not heard them for a long time. Its only last month, that I heard them @ my parents house. Kulli has strict instructions that she should not sing those songs @ home, since they are bad and its not for small kids. Luckily I know other catchy songs, like ichak dana, lakadi ke kati, so I can easily distract her.But in the party hall of my apartment, during Bday parties, parents themselves make the kids to dance to these songs. And I also wonder for how long can I shield her from such obscene songs?

The point is, its very very sad that kids of 4-6 years old, have to dance to such obscene songs and copy the steps, without knowing the meaning. And also as adults, cant we find any better ways to entertain them? On voicing my concerns, my neighbor said,  dont do such serious parenting. I am sending my kids to bollywood dancing. There is nothing wrong, it improves concentration. I was Flabbergasted . What happened to age old classical dance classes. There are so many dance classes in Bangalore. Not a single one, is worthy of your child?.

I am myself not against  bollywood, its just that I feel it should not become a sole means of entertainment for our kids. And anything obscene is obscene, weather the child understands or not ,at least we adults do understand isnt it. Tell me whats your take on this.