Monday, May 2, 2011

Bollywood dance and Kids

 My kulli is almost 4 year old. She loves to dance. Luckily her playschool makes her dance only to kiddo songs. I do not watch any music channels, hence she isnt addicted to sheela or munni. Believe it or not, I had not heard them for a long time. Its only last month, that I heard them @ my parents house. Kulli has strict instructions that she should not sing those songs @ home, since they are bad and its not for small kids. Luckily I know other catchy songs, like ichak dana, lakadi ke kati, so I can easily distract her.But in the party hall of my apartment, during Bday parties, parents themselves make the kids to dance to these songs. And I also wonder for how long can I shield her from such obscene songs?

The point is, its very very sad that kids of 4-6 years old, have to dance to such obscene songs and copy the steps, without knowing the meaning. And also as adults, cant we find any better ways to entertain them? On voicing my concerns, my neighbor said,  dont do such serious parenting. I am sending my kids to bollywood dancing. There is nothing wrong, it improves concentration. I was Flabbergasted . What happened to age old classical dance classes. There are so many dance classes in Bangalore. Not a single one, is worthy of your child?.

I am myself not against  bollywood, its just that I feel it should not become a sole means of entertainment for our kids. And anything obscene is obscene, weather the child understands or not ,at least we adults do understand isnt it. Tell me whats your take on this.


  1. Totally agree. No reason to expose kids to obscene stuff and one can go pretty far without exposing. When it's her time to perform, how about getting a few kids to come to your place and choreographing something age appropriate, song included? My daughter learned a nice dance at school and choreographed it (with some changes) for a performance in our residential community. It was a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the junk the other kids did. We are lucky to have several purist parents whose kids are heavily into classical stuff too. It can be done.

  2. @ Sangi,
    Exactly this is what some of us did for the last program in our appartment.

  3. Agree! Bollywood is not the beginning and end of songs and dance!