Monday, May 30, 2011

A Thank you and a Sorry.

 I have started working. Now how I mange, how the kids are coping up, I will reserve it for another post. This morning, I set out to work ,which is a half an hour drive from home. 5 mins from my home, a  lady who was going on the bike, with her husband told me, that the wiper of my rear glass was on. I thanked her and switched off the wiper. It stopped midway and I had to get down to correct it. But thought will do it once I reach office. Forgot all about it. Was busy driving while surfing FM channels. At a signal light, I heard a noise from the rear end of my car. I decided whoever has hit, will have it from me. Turned back to see  2 guys on scooty. Switched off my car and he started coming towards my window, and he said, I just pushed your wiper back. And before I could say anything he went ahead. Anyways I started my car, chased him and said Sorry and also Thank you.
The point is why is it , that  the first thing that comes to my  mind, is something or someone is bad. Probably the road, traffic people have turned me into a cynic.
That is the reason, why I need my dose of kulla, and kulli every morning, they make me see the world in a different way. 


  1. Very similar to my experiences :)

  2. Hey Awesome! Welcome to a new scale of balance! The one between work and home :)

    P.S: Shweta here! :)