Friday, June 3, 2011

Kullis first day of school

Finally kulli's school  began today. Kulli's first step to the  big bad academic world. She had been getting up at 6.30 am morning, drinking a glass of milk, and also eating one idly and getting ready by 7.30 am from one week. But today in spite of all practice runs , we just made it to the  bus. We dropped kulli and the  bus started.
After I put her in the bus, I started crying bcoz whole week I had been telling her get ready on time, and today the delay was from our side, not her. I felt scared of leaving her alone in the bus. Of course the bus was full of kids, teachers and helpers, but still I felt I should have gone. I wanted to take a picture of her, but was so caught up with work, that I dint do it at all.
Now sitting at my desk in office, I am thinking that probably I should have taken leave, dropped her myself , picked her up. Its kind of so hard being a mother.I am just not able to concentrate , as my thoughts keep going  back to kulli . She was kind of prepared from a month to go to school, in fact she wanted to go in the big yellow bus from last year itself,but I guess I wasn't prepared about her going to school myself.:)

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