Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Letter to Kulla @ 1

Dear Kulla,
  • No matter what, Amma, Anna and Akka will love you. But that dose not mean  you test our love ever in your life.
  • There are tastier things in life like food, so please stop putting everything you can lay hands on in your mouth.
  • Anger is part of life, but don't resort to violence every time you get angry.
  • Amma will let you grow hair when she is sure you can manage it on your own. So please stop pulling Akka's hair for now.
  • You are surrounded by two strong women, namely Akka and Amma , you really need to struggle to make a place of your own and be heard.
  • Remember, Family is everything. 
Happy Birthday Kulla. The past one year since you came to my life, has been a roller coaster ride for me. You have been my DIY baby. Right from making ragi malt, dragging you to schools where  Akka applied, you have seen everything which has been part of our life.. Love you kulla.


  1. Happy returns of the day to Kulla :-) on our behalf

    Deepak and Sum

  2. Ohhhhh one year already?!?! A very very happy budday and lots of love to him!!!

    I see that my wishes are already conveyed above ;) Here's once again, from myself! :)

  3. @ Deep and Sum,
    Thank you very much for the wishes.Deep never told you personally, you write very well. Your Hampi pics were awesome.

  4. So sweet.... :)