Friday, July 1, 2011

Musings from my morning drive

  • Girl in the  Volvo, sitting next to window, I know that you think you are pretty. Stop doing the silly gestures, since there is no Rajesh khanna around.
  • Dad with two kids on scooter, please please drive carefully, and don't squeeze in between two heavy vehicles. Our children are our responsibility
  • Aunty on the bike with her office going son, have fun till his wife comes.
  • Bus Driver digging his nose, please stop. And I am glad , I am in the car, or else your prasad would fall on my head.
  • Guy who is in the car next to me and shouting using blue tooth, calm down , take deep breath.
  • Fashionable lady with an ugly frown in a swanky BMW next to me, its ok stop frowning. There are at least 20 of us admiring your BMW.And for everything in this world you need to pay a price.


  1. Hi Musica,

    Just left a comment for your Feb28th post :-) Like your blog. You will have a constant visitor now :-)

  2. @RS
    Thanks RS. Glad to know that somebody actually reads my blog:)