Monday, July 18, 2011

Zindagi Milagi na dobara- Movie review

 I went to this movie at the newly opened theater at my place. Wait a minute, theater is the wrong word, it has to be multiplex. So it had been almost 3 years since we had been to the theater, so I was mentioning to S about it last monday. He promptly booked the ticket for this movie.

So requested the  maid  to come on saturday, and lied to her that I need to go to office:). I lied to kids also, cooked saaru, palya for lunch and was in theater which was around 5 mins drive from my place just in time for the movie to start.

The movie was like an ad for Spain tourism with 3 good looking guys. Abhay deol looked out of place.He was visibly uneasy with the role he was playing. Hritik was supposed to be an investment banker, but his walk, his pout he could supress it, his acting was like asking a 10th std fail to pretend like a PHD. Sorry in spite of having crush on hritik when I was in collage could not ignore the fact  that he lacks acting skills.He was not suitable for the  role he was playing. He was looking quite old also. Guess my teenage crush has become an old man, so S was reminding me that even I have become old ,sigh. Age dosen't spare Hritik roshan, so who am I:). Farhan was the  best among the three. This role was made for him.He was the only one who was convincing.

Song except one Senorita,  the others I don't even remember. Screenplay was the  saving grace, as their was an absence of story.
On the  whole, I felt I should have waited for 4 more months or even earlier to watch it on T.V than in theater.


  1. saved me some money an dtime on a movie ticket :P

  2. @PP
    Illa PP this was just my view.Check it out yourself.But my crush on Hritik was cured coz of that movie.