Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A 10 minute delay= 40 mins Delay

Every morning, I need to leave home  by 8am. Even if there is a 5 min or 10 min delay, then I end up reaching office by 9.10 instead of 8.30. This morning kulla isnt well, husband was in a call, the maid dint turn up. I was so tempted to just sit back , call in sick myself. But then the maid came, husband realized that its 8.10 and took kulla from me and  I started to office.
Kulla is at a stage where he has learn t to blackmail well, he sheds big tears when he sees me go outside the door,these tears stop even before the lift door closes. But his face stands in my memory and I keep thinking why the hell I am working.
So S keeps telling me dont make him a mama's boy. He stops crying within 5 mins after you leave, he just wants you to feel guilty.
Mother hood, and the guilt never seems to end.And looks like Kulla has learnt to cash in on my guilt


  1. Musica..the guilt is so wasted.You are doing perfectly right by yourself and your kid. And kids are intelligent. They just use crying on a best effort basis...just to see if moms will melt or not.

  2. Hahaha... i just love ur kulla's naughty stuff
    Musica... :)