Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Letter to Kulla @ 1

Dear Kulla,
  • No matter what, Amma, Anna and Akka will love you. But that dose not mean  you test our love ever in your life.
  • There are tastier things in life like food, so please stop putting everything you can lay hands on in your mouth.
  • Anger is part of life, but don't resort to violence every time you get angry.
  • Amma will let you grow hair when she is sure you can manage it on your own. So please stop pulling Akka's hair for now.
  • You are surrounded by two strong women, namely Akka and Amma , you really need to struggle to make a place of your own and be heard.
  • Remember, Family is everything. 
Happy Birthday Kulla. The past one year since you came to my life, has been a roller coaster ride for me. You have been my DIY baby. Right from making ragi malt, dragging you to schools where  Akka applied, you have seen everything which has been part of our life.. Love you kulla.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Critical 5 minutes

This morning, I came back from my walk and stood in front of the  lift to my  apartment.It was in fifth floor, and milk guy had blocked the lift at each floor to deliver milk,I realized at that moment that I was 5 mins late from my walk and due to the  milk man, I am stuck for 5 more minutes.

The point is those 5 mins spent at the base of the lift, I kept worrying about the tasks which needed to be completed.I had a choice of thinking better things , like my kids, or just go out again and smell the fresh air. But I dint do it.

Getting back to work has made me forget the finer aspects of Life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random musings from my Morning Drive

This morning, while driving to office , I switched on the  radio and Sonu Nigam was singing " Deewana Me hu Deewana tera"  what a romantic soulful number. I felt good to hear Sonu so unexpectedly, that too singing one of my fav songs . Sonu you still make my day.Even after 7 years of marriage and 2 kids.:)

Did u know that there is Bismillah Nagar in Bangalore. Its on Banerghatta road, near Jalvayu bhavan around the  Subramanya arcade.building.

Saw a motor bike guy with a complete Tamil nameplate, no idea why he is allowed to ride with a nameplate which no one can read.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Driving during rain in Bangalore

Last evening, it was pouring cats and  dogs and what not. So I left my office at 5.30 pm, just when the rains have stopped. So one kilometer from my office, there is a huge jam under the flyover. Basically 2 huge lorries decide that they can go faster if they drive in the opposite lane, and block the  traffic.So vehicles from all directions have collected under the flyover ,and nobody is able to move. Now unfortunately for me, I was at the a point, which had a huge pothole behind me , so people kindly had left around 10 cms gap behind my car.So this goonda kind of a guy comes, he gets down from his bike and tells me start reversing madam, u get into the  pothole, leave place for 2 wheelers coming from the  opposite direction, lets not waste time. I told him, this pothole looks more like a small well, and i wont take the risk of reversing in it. He gets wild and starts banging on my windshield,by that time another ambassador comes perpendicular to my car, and he says if i donot get into the pothole, he will ram in to the car and drive away.They were talking in Hindi with me, and muttering in kannada, thinking that  I do not know . They were actually saying, who gives women cars, just bcoz they  have money they will get cars and make everybody's life hell Women should not be allowed to drive.

I was scared, but then dint want to accept defeat, The ambassador guy started calling me names in singular terms (tum) instead of (Aap), without giving even the  basic respect .I said to the  Ambassador guy, now in Kannada that look, ram into my car,I will switch off my engine and I have noted your car no and I will complain to the police. You think, I am not gonna complain just try . Then to the Goonda, that look you need not be self appointed police, go mind your business. Just bcoz I screamed people became all right, they stopped abusing me , anyway traffic took another 20 mins to clear, till then they were giving me bad looks.

The point is, just because I am a women, I cannot be taken for granted. I can drive as bad or good as any other man. But it left me shaking. I was very very scared, and also angry. I feel the  road belongs as much to me as to you.And how can somebody threaten me in my own city. Luckily I dint show that I was scared, or else people would have taken advantage.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kullis first day of school

Finally kulli's school  began today. Kulli's first step to the  big bad academic world. She had been getting up at 6.30 am morning, drinking a glass of milk, and also eating one idly and getting ready by 7.30 am from one week. But today in spite of all practice runs , we just made it to the  bus. We dropped kulli and the  bus started.
After I put her in the bus, I started crying bcoz whole week I had been telling her get ready on time, and today the delay was from our side, not her. I felt scared of leaving her alone in the bus. Of course the bus was full of kids, teachers and helpers, but still I felt I should have gone. I wanted to take a picture of her, but was so caught up with work, that I dint do it at all.
Now sitting at my desk in office, I am thinking that probably I should have taken leave, dropped her myself , picked her up. Its kind of so hard being a mother.I am just not able to concentrate , as my thoughts keep going  back to kulli . She was kind of prepared from a month to go to school, in fact she wanted to go in the big yellow bus from last year itself,but I guess I wasn't prepared about her going to school myself.:)