Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five lessons of Motherhood.

I loved this tag from Kiran's blog. Had to do it, since kind of facing a writer's block.

1. You cannot raise your children without spanking them or raising your voice.
2.Everything else is secondary when it comes to your children.
    Career, money, sleep, beauty nothing matters. All that matters is your child.How else could I explain,  2 career breaks in a span of 5 years.
3.My life is important just bcoz I need to be there for my kids.Hence cant take risks.
4.Potty, susu, vomit, diarrhea ,snot, phlegm, mucus nothing can make me throw up.
   I have washed bums in between having lunch or dinner and just continued to eat, once the business is done.
5. And  I do believe in tears of joys now. I would laugh at it, when I would watch in films. But now I do believe in them.

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