Monday, December 20, 2010

Kulli Speaks

 My kulli did not talk full sentences until she was  2 years old. At around 2 years she started talking so much now, there is no stopping her.

Scene  1:
Kulli: Mama i need to give bath to my bear.
Me:OK lets do it fast.
Me: After  a hurried bath , to kulli and bear , I am wring the bear dry
Kulli : Mama don't hurt my bear, don't cause Abbu, just wipe it with the towel. and put it in the balcony.

Scene 2:
We are driving back home @ around 11pm, a cop @ the brigade road stops our car, and asks my husband to breathe into a breath analyzer.
Sleepy Kulli: Anna why did u roar like a tiger and scare the policeman.

Scene 3;
Kulli is trying to stuff a paper into my wardrobe, between my clothes.
Me: Hey what is that?
Kulli: Its a secret letter to Santa Claus.
Me:What is in the secret?
Kulli ;I told u know ,its a secret, I cannot tell you.
After she goes out, I open that letter and see that she has written A,B,C etc.

Life with my kulli and kulla is filled with such gems.