Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slap her , her kids go to Day care

I was going for a walk around my apartment, when I met this aunty who is MIL of one of my friend. Find the conversation below:-

Me: Hello aunty Namaste, so when did you come ?
Aunty:Namaste beta, came on Sunday
Me: So uncle is all right, has he also come back?
Aunty: Yes, he is at home. By the way how is your son, he must be almost a year. And your daughter , badi payri bachhi, she must be going to school now, you must be having some time now.See I was telling you everything settles down. So come home tommrow at 11 am, lets have tea at my place.
Me: Thank you Aunty, but I have started working, so please do come home on saturday , lets have tea.
Aunty: So what about bache ? Who is taking care?
Me: They are going to Day care.Thank god we found a good one.
At this point aunty stops walking , hold my hand
Aunty: See you have finance problem? loans are more? husband ke kammai kam hogaya kya?
Me: No aunty, nothing like that in fact S got a promotion why?
Aunty: Phir why are you working, as if u have less to eat and wear.
Me: Aunty , I work becoz I like to work, I have enuff to eat and wear.
Aunty: Jab bacche bigadjayenge, then you will know. Then you can do nothing. A child will always need its mother.If u dont want to do that job of looking after kids, then who will do it.
Me: Phone rings, ok aunty bye bye

So  Moral of the story is I am branded a vamp who is working in spite of 2 kids , not because I have nothing to eat and drink ,but becoz I want to.

Now coming to the point, this Aunty always watches T.V right from Sanskar in the morning till late night serials. Her DIL hates her, since she plays T.V at loud volume which disturbs her kid's sleep as well as study time.Her DIL is frustrated every time she is here.Wish I could tell all this to the Aunty.:(

I have stopped  reacting to all such sundry comments from a long time.I just shrug and feel sorry for the Aunty who is probably full of negative thoughts about everybody. I will do what is good for me and my kids. I don't want to end up as a  frustrated mom, staying at home, who plonks her kids in front of mindless cartoons to get some rest, which her DIL does.

Anyways the point is , its very easy to pass judgment on a working women with kids.And people some how assume that they  have a right to make you feel guilty.


  1. nice article.who cares for other comments. meri merzi that should be the modern working woman'S mantra

  2. nice post, but the title is surely too intimidating. i guess the title could hve been different

  3. @Anonymous: Yeah you are right, learn't it after many buckets of tears.

    @ Prakruthi:Just lifted the title from the movie "Slap her she is French"