Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Feeling secure

       Every morning I  call up security desk of my apartment at around 4.50 am and ask him to open the gym. Last week I had called at around the  same time, when I went down to the gym it was closed, I had to again walk to the  security desk and ask him open it.Which wasted around 10 mins of my precious morning time.
       Hence this morning I called him at around 4.50 , got dressed and called him again at around 5 am just to remind him in case he has forgotten. As soon as I asked him if the  gym is open , he started yelling that how many time do I call him ,his supervisor has gone to open. I did not anyways back down and shouted back at  him saying what is his problem, why cant he just answer and shut up. I hung up, wore my shows and went down.

    In the Gym , his supervisor was switching on the lights , which means he must  have left after I called. I did my stretches, and was on the  treadmill, this supervisor  switched on the T.V and switched to  the  Ind vs Australia cricket match. I finished walking  and started running and he was still watching cricket match, it was 5 mins since I had started running, and he was just watching T.V.

  I was scared , I was just wondering what will I do since folks at home  would be sleeping, and there is no network in the Gym, I was preparing an action plan of kicking him in the groin and then hitting him with weights.And then run for my life.

   But he just changed the  channel to NDTV news after Shewag got out, that s like around 10 mins since I started  my treadmill and India won the toss and  he left the Gym.

   The point is I felt  vulnerable in my own surroundings becoz I am woman. Bcoz my mom, keeps telling me every time I call, don't go to Gym alone, go only if there  are ladies around. And some where in my subconscious mind, I was scared that her worst fears might come true.

   I have a 5 year old daughter of my own, do I warn that you need to be careful, not do anything alone and invite trouble. Do I warn her that you just cannot talk rough with a man, even if you are  right and he is just a small time employee? Do I tell her its better to be safe than sorry?

 I was thinking through this while driving to work and decided that I will tell my daughter to be careful, in terms of keeping a close watch and be alert when she is all alone. But also teach her self defense skills and probably Martial Arts also so that she can protect herself.

I am not blaming mom, she is still worried about her 30 year old, whom she considers as probably 13 year old. And also she belongs to a generation where in a woman is safe with her husband/father or brother. But I don't want my daughter to depend on somebody to feel safe and secure but depend on her instincts and her own skills.

By the  way , did u read what our Honble minister CC Patil said, that women need to dress up and cover themselves to avoid rape. Who the hell he thinks he is?


  1. better to be careful than repenting later.

  2. Hey Musica! Happy Happy New Year to you and your family!

    And being aware of the surroundings is always a good thing - I do that too - keep a backup plan in mind! Sometimes I think Im just paranoid but it makes me feel better knowing I have something in mind as an action plan just in case...

  3. You are right..who the hell does he think he is??