Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Treadmill


Dear Treadmill.

                         I know you can not read this but I would look stupid if I spoke to you , hence this letter to pour my heart out.
                       Why is that, you do not have some kind of auto sensor? See in the  morning, I was  running at 8.5 km/hr at inclination 1, but after 2 minutes I felt I could not run, so I expected you to slow down to say probably 7, so that I continue, catch my breath , but you being the mean guy you stuck on to 8.5, I being the stubborn  one, continued to pull my fat self for 20 more seconds and then just pressed the  stop button when I felt that my heart would explode. We dint have to create this scene, isn't it?You could have done something slowed down and make me look graceful to other inhabitants in the gym.
                     Why treadmill why? Why don't you do some magic make me burn say 300 calories , without much effort, and make me lose weight in a jiffy. Why should I struggle so much to burn just a meager 200 calories? Don't you like me at all?
                    Why did you make me trip on my lace and  fall, like  a heap, in front of that thin lady of 35 with two kids and her trainer?Couldn't you just stop or just beep, so that I could pause tie my lace? Do you have to be so mean always?
                   Last but not the least, I hate you as much as you hate me. But what to do I need to lose weight , and so I come every morning.

Yours Unlovingly,
Lady with black pant and Grey T  Shirt.

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