Friday, January 27, 2012

Kulli & Kulla speaks

Kulla has to see his Akka as soon as he gets up. Kulli will be getting ready to go to school on most of the days, by the time he wakes up.But still she runs to him and holds his hand and bring him out of the room.

Kulla: Still rolling sleepily on the  bed  shouts Akka , Akka
I am combing Kulli's hair in the  hall
Kulli: Wait Kulla, I am getting my hair combed
kulla: Akka, Please
Kulli: Amma I have to go, he said please.
Then I let her go, and sent a prayer to lord to keep them close always.

Kulli is singing
Kulli: krishna nee begana
Kulla: Baro
Kulli Very good kulla

Had taken both kids to republic day function in the appartment.
Me: Kulla come, lets go home
Kulla: No beda (dont want)
Me: Why? Yake?
Kulla: Bore

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  1. Wish to see both kulla and kulli :)