Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I am a Smug Married:)

I loved this post on charade's blog. I was just thinking that I am so smug married:( . Actually I can no more hold conversations   without mentioning my kids or husband at least once. So my dear friends here are my moments when I discovered that I am  a smug married

  • Saturday, I was talking to Friend Sa who is married but works in a different city other than husband , who is kind of actually having best of both worlds of being married but staying independently. I asked her what she was doing and she said nothing, just lazing around, for which I replied I baked a loaf of bread, I am baking a cake,  all the while supervising craft work of my daughter. Sa knowing me from 11 years must have attributed it to my hormones and changed the topic.( Lord, why did u have to make me project my self as a superwoman to Sa who knows in and out of me for 11 years?)
  • Was talking to colleague V, who is a sweet newly married bride, she said she dint cook at all during weekend, I told her that Oh my god V, eating out all 6 times, you guys will get stomach infections.How difficult is it to cook something.(Why lord, why did u make me forget my good old mera maggi wala early marriage days?)
  • Talking to Mom on the phone, all the while instructing Kulla not to open the  kitchen drawers and bring out vessels.( I am sorry mom, having to cut the call, since kulla would have banged my LCD T.V with Milk cooker if I had waited for few more  minutes.)
  • Talking to S(husband ) over the phone while combing kulli's hair.I yelled at  kulli, not to shake head and stand straight, so S replied how could  I know what he was doing? Since he  was just sitting on the office chair with wheels , and not standing.( Dint bother to explain, just told him that it was for kulli and not for you)
So Charade, thanks for letting me realize  that I am also a smug married .:)

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  1. You are one lucky woman,to be smug about marriage is definitely an achievement :)