Monday, June 18, 2012

A quick update

I have changed my job. This  company of mine  has banned accessing blogs from the office network , hence I have been away. But that is  not the only reason, I was just plain lazy , took a long time to settle down and ignored internet also. But there were posts always running in my head, so cannot keep my self away from my blog for a long time. I just hope to blog at least thrice a week henceforth.

S my husband doing fine. Kulla is getting more mischievous by the time. Kulli is the darling the cheese of our house, and Kulla the chalk. Together they have kept me more than busy.

Work as usual , I dont say I am the happiest, but pulling along.

I ran the  Majja run of 5.7 km within 50 minutes in Bangalore 10K. I am aiming for 10K next year.

Thats the update I have for my absence. Will continue with my normal programming henceforth.

Bye take care.

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  1. Hi Musica... So thats where you are... Happy working at ur new place... Luv to Kulla and killi :)