Monday, July 9, 2012

Yoga and me

I was into Yoga when I was  in engineering. But somehow pregnancy, motherhood and then work kept me away. But I was always hoping  to start again.
Finally when ,yoga classes started in my apartment community hall from 5.15 am to 6.15 am thrice a week , I signed up.The first class was extremely painful, my limbs ached and I felt I should never get from my shavasana in between my class.
But now after around 12  classes, I feel great. I can actually touch my toes, stand on my head and do perfect surya namskaras close to 25 in one sitting.But I still don't like my yoga sir actually correcting my poses, by touching me.

Am  I more healthy, I don't think so. But I am more flexible. I know that with practise I can even stand on my head.But what I am shocked is the price. My teacher charges 1250 for 12 classes. But I used to learn yoga from Vivekananda Yoga centre for a meagre sum of 200 Rs. Even now it seems they charge just 400 Rs for 5 days a week class.

So why has yoga classes become so expensive. I do normal yoga , not some power yoga or bikram yoga. I think, for some people teaching Yoga is life. It seems you can make a good living  now, by teaching yoga, since people want personalised classes, they want spot reduction and all kind of frills.Hence probably they charge more.I  just  saw  a website advertising yoga for children also.

But irrespective of the cost, the  benefits are immense.I hope I continue doing it as long as I live.

I can do this too

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