Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kulla Kulli

I am trying hard to instil some of my own beliefs on Kulli. I told her that God help those only who help themselves. So if  you  do things on your own like washing your bum, taking bath, then God will help you. And also I told kulli that in times of distress just call God, he will help you.

Scene: 1
Location: Play Area in apartment.
Kulla  has climbed a huge slide through stirs. Instead of coming down the slide he  is standing on the landing and trying to bend down and see whether  the audience that's me are clapping.
Me: Kulli , please come here , quickly go climb the stairs and ask Kulla  to slide down.
Kulli: Chanting loudly Vakra tunda Maha kaya and climbing the stairs of the  slide.
I am amazed, and everybody is looking at us.
Kulli: Climbs the stairs gets Kulla to slide down.
Me:I asked her why are you telling the shloka?
Kulli: I am asking God for help.If I pray in my mind, how will God listen?


  1. How sweet and innocent is that..I faced a very similar incident..we were having trouble finding an auto and my son started chanting benaka benaka..in the hopes that it would bring an auto..not sure whether i am too happy about that actually :P

  2. Ha ha ha... That is sooooo sweet of kulli :) I'm all smiles at her reasoning :)

  3. @ Sum , and PP
    Whats up with you gals? No blog updates?
    @PP: We should meet sometime with our kids. How was urhiking trip?