Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who will teach Manners

Kulli and her dad go to the bus stop every morning , stand in a line waiting for the bus and board the bus. This morning I went  with Kulli. We were third in the  line. In front of us there was a high school kid and first in the line was Kulli's classmate. After 2 minutes. There was another high school kid and he joined the one in front of us. Then 2 more kids joined the line. I told these boys, that we are in line , so and stand in the line. The boys though unhappy went and stood in the line.

But what bothers is, we as parents always tell kulli not to break the line, and wait for her turn. Did  the parents of those boys miss out in instilling this basic manners in them or did they just  decide to ignore?

I have often seen big kids push my kulla when he is trying to slide down . But there are few kids who are compassionate and they  actually help him.

The question is did the parents of unruly , ill mannered kids are themselves like that? Or  they forgot to instil values in them? Or the kids  rebelled against the values that their parents taught? It bothers me to even imagine my kids acting rude and bullying  other small kids when they grow up. I keep wondering how will my gentle kind kulli turn out  as   a teenager?

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  1. You Nailed it..bang on..Rishi has been taught not to snatch toys, not push/hit people. I have seen him stand clueless when someone else is doing these things and he looks at me with an expression of what breaks my heart sometimes and I wish I had taught him to push and punch..but that is not him..he is a softie..sometimes I struggle to accept that, sometimes I worry and sometimes I am so darn proud..Any advice for me?