Saturday, October 13, 2012

Letter to my Kulli

Dear Kulli
                  You turned 5  on July 30th. And this letter  was due for almost 3 months now. You seem quite grown up to me now. You have finally mastered  washing your bum, brushing your teeth and taking a bath. You have toilet trained your brother. Just bcoz  you do susu in commode, even he copies and he is almost toilet trained and wears diaper only at night.

                 I love you kulli for your adjusting nature. You dance like a professional already and you are finally attending classes. You have started Karate also,this year. And your teacher told  me that I am blessed to have a daughter like you. And I agree with her totally.

              Kulli I am so hard on you sometimes, bcoz I know what you are capable of. When I push you  to do something , you cry and create a fuss but probably some years down the line you will realize that it was for your own good.

             Kulli you have started reading small books and I am immensely proud of you. I  am waiting to share my world of books with you.

             You eating has not yet improved and you look  under age for a 5 year old. You have taken my love for cooking and help me in almost everything. And at school also they call you a little helper.

           You are my sunshine, my love and my dream. You made me  the mother what I am today. While I am typing , I can hear you talk in flawless English talking about Giraffe and I cant help but thank God for giving you to me.

With lots of  love ,
From your mother who generally kisses you more when you are asleep than when you are awake.


  1. Awwwwww..... so sweet.... i too want a daughter like your kulli ;)

  2. @ Sum
    Thathastu. May you have 2 little sweet daughters as soon as possible:)