Monday, October 15, 2012

English Vinglish - Review

This Saturday me and S had been  English Vinglish. Sridevi's acting superb. The casting excellent. Direction and editing is worth giving 5 stars. Its a story of a housewife fighting for her identity.
I saw many a women shed tears during the  movie. Frankly even I did :). Its a very simple story or almost no story. But the concept and presentation  excellent.

 Any wife can identify herself with Sridevi in this movie. Especially those times when you call up your husband to tell  him something exciting and he cuts your call. S if u are reading this, you have done that to me so many times.After  8 years  of marriage and 2 children now you at least ask me if its urgent. I am glad for this change in you. I had shed few  tears here .

Another moving scene was when , she has to leave her kids and go to New york and the kids and husband dont even understand what she is going through. No I dint  shed tears here.

All together its a lovely movie. Worth a watch. The acting by everyone is restrained and controlled which in itself is a welcome change .And the movie gets over just when it has to. Just when you start thinking what else is left it gets over. Which is the most important point  his movie.

Sridevi's body wow! sari's worth stealing ,  only sore point is I wish somebody had dubbed for her. Her voice and accent is so bad.


  1. I saw this on Sunday..was wowed by her performance, but her hindi is so agree with you. But all in all a very nice I should go with my mom to annisatte..

  2. Good... seeing some good reviews for this.. so i shud watch it sometime too....

  3. @ Sum and PP
    Thanks for dropping in.
    @Sum:Has bollywood reached sweden also? Do they play them there?
    @PP: Totally agree with you, shld be seen with mums.God only knows how much we would have hurt them

    1. Nope... No bollywood here :( Will have to watch it on the net, tho'.