Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being a Home Maker/Housewife/SAHM- Day 1

I just quit my current job after serving a long notice period of 3 months on Monday.I have some time before I join my next job. So yesterday was officially my first day @ home.Kulli is also @ home due to cough and cold. I got up at 8.30 am in the morning. I dint know that I could sleep so long.I prepared a grand breakfast of Oats:). Realized that I was running low on provision, hence went to the grocery store.Came back to find Fresh Palak sitting in the fridge, hence I made Palak Paneer and chapatis for lunch.After I made Palak Paneer, I thought about S (husband) who doesn't like to eat lunch outside, but still had to eat since lunch was not ready by the time he left. Hence on a whim, packed his lunch and drove the mighty 4 km to his office and gave him the lunch. S was obviously happy, and he relished the lunch. Had lunch with kulli, read a novel sleeping on the bed till 4pm.Made filter coffee at around 4.30 pm and sipped it very leisurely and walked for an hour from 5pm to 6pm. Came back home, practised music with Kulli, played with Kulla and went to bed by 9pm. Today is Day 2, will update you folks tomorrow.

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  1. How nice :)...but it would get boring after a while...wouldnt it??