Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lesson Learnt

 Every evening at around 7pm, after my husband comes home, settles down , I leave my monsters with him and go for a brisk walk around my complex. It usually takes around 30 mins to complete 6 rounds. These  30 minutes, are very sacred to me, coz i switch on my i pod and sweat it out in the cool breeze.
Yesterday, a lady who looked 9 months pregnant smiled at me. Now I see this lady from my utility window every morning and evening  going for walks. She walks little slow and appears to be totally pissed of with something. So  I assumed , she must be in the last stage of pregnancy, and I totally sympathized with her, coz  during the last few weeks of pregnancy, I was so tired and cranky and in general wanted to get over with it as fast as I can.

Now, coming to the  main part, So I smiled back at her, she asked me, shall I join you. Not wanting to be rude, I told her, see I walk really fast. I don't think you should be walking that fast. It not safe for you at this stage. Yesterday must have been my lucky day, she got super offended, but still she managed to smile and say she is not pregnant. She has a 9 year old son and a 2 year daughter. Though I apologized I felt stupid , to have passed a judgment on somebody. As it turns out that lady was real sweet and  I went for 3 more rounds with her, even though it slowed me down, just to make up for my error.

Moral of the story: Never I say Never , assume a lady is pregnant until you see a baby coming out of her.


  1. Very true! I too have restrained from asking someone such a question, and then after weeks/months of being in the same state, i'd feel happy that i didn't ask and create a stupid situation!

  2. @ Sum,
    Hmmm, lessons learn t the hard way

  3. that's too good!! Love the way you tell a story. Coming to the molasses part...a good substitute is powdered demarera sugar, and a wee bit of apple sauce. It's apples cooked and then put into a grinder/blender to get a thick sauce.