Friday, January 28, 2011

Kulli speaks

Me: Eat soon, how long are you chewing?
Kulli: Amma, I have many teeth, each tooth wants to eat food, what shall I do.

Me:Lets buy clothes for you this summer
Kulli: will you buy for Kulla also?

Me: I am hungry, I will eat you.
Kulli: No Amma, please dont eat me.
Me: Ok , then I will eat Kulla
Kulli: No please dont eat him eat Anna (S)
Me: Why, then who will take you to school, who will drive the car
Kulli: You, you can do everything, you can drive, you can cook,you can take me to spencers, you can do everything.

I was thrilled to get the Super Woman Award from my daughter.

I love the way my kulli selflessly , thinks about her brother.

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