Monday, January 24, 2011


This weekend as usual had made great plans.I was planning to take my kulli to the kite flying festival @ palace grounds, attend a distant cousins wedding,get my kulla vaccinated, eat out, and  last but not the least buy clothes.
But in reality I did none of the above. Apart from ordering Pizzas nothing was done. But what I did was, cleaned the fridge, watched "Maine Pyar Kiya"(MPK), and "Hancock".

Now  I have watched MPK every time it is on the TV, I had watched it as a child in the theater, but stills I get drawn to it. But this time watched with S hence it was more fun.
  1. I hate Bagyashrees voice.Its damn irritating.
  2. Salman Khan was handsome, age has not been kind to him nor his hair.
  3. Bagyashree(B) was given such ill fitting dresses, if it was me, I would have refused to wear.
  4. Poor B was made to tuck in a gents shirt in her jeans which made her but look enlarged.
  5. She was made to  tie a scarf around her waist when she wore a jeans.
  6. Her pimples are quite visible even with that pancake flaky makeup.
  7. Salman Khan poor guy has been removing his shirt since his first movie.
  8. Sumeet Mixie  box was promptly displayed in the kitchen of Salman khan's home, wonder why they weren't using it at all , or was kept for advertising.
  9. B  was just P.U.C pass as stated by her, but still she was Adarsh nari.
  10. Dint know what was so alluring in the doodhwali, that all servants wanted her.
But still I will watch the  movie next time its played, for its song, for its badly choreographed but melodious  songs and simple straightforward boy meets girl story.