Monday, January 31, 2011

Love of my life: Coffee

I miss waking up to the smell of fresh coffee, which my mom would make every morning.Being a South Indian Brahmin family we take pride in drinking coffee. My dad says if u have to know the quality of a restaurant taste its coffee.There is this old palace ,which is converted to a hotel, the coffee served is always lukewarm, no number of complaints have solved the problem of lukewarm coffee. They say since it is a 5 star hotel, every items served, has to be billed in the kitchen, then at another place and finally at the cashier's table hence it gets warm by the time it arrives on the table. I plan to gift them a good Thermos flask next time.
I love coffee in the south Indian style only.The fancy coffee at Cafe Coffee Day (CC) outlets fails to tempt me to a cup.I would always prefer to drink in a small Darshini hotel than in Cafe Coffee Day.But if I need to spend some time with someone then of course I head out to a CC Day. During the recent times all CC Day outlets are filled with young college crowd talking loudly, smoking and in general mis behaving so much that u cant hear your own voice. I have noticed in few CC Day outlets they even let the crowd smoke Hukkas. I think this attempts to mass promotion of the idea "Smoking is hep and happening".So for now I think I am off CC Days.Not that they are begging me to have a cup.
There are places in old Bangalore namely " Sajjan rao " circle where the coffee served is so good that you can never stop at one cup.Another good place is coffee house.Here the waiters feel they are doing u a favor by bringing you your cup.They offer you free advice and make you feel grateful that they served you this time.
My sis P would never drink coffee until she was aged 10 or 12. My dad started a campaign telling her that if she doesn't drink coffee her brain will never become sharp, and so now the poor thing is a coffee addict as the rest of the family is.My dad sometimes has coffee after coming from his clinic at 10 pm and then has dinner.When he requests for a cup at night, we kids would be happy as we would also get a sip.
Coffee at my mom's place is made according to the taste of the person.Mom has a big tumbler of milky coffee with her sugar free.Dad and me have it strong with a pinch of sugar and at high temperature, my sis with normal sugar and temperature,maid with lots of sugar and milk and lukewarm.Making Coffee never stops there is always some reason to make and drink coffee at home.

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  1. Strong filter coffee maja ne bere! CCD can never beat that Rs 5/- per cup coffee that we get in darshinis! True about CCD, there are times when we've entered and just walked out of it due to it's 'ambience'.