Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Summer Camp

Note: This a post from my other blog, which is now extinct, found this in one of the folders, and posted it, since i am having a bit of writer's block.
My cousin of 10 years has joined Art of living Summer Camp. She attends the camp for 5 days a week for a fortnight for 4 hours. And this is not a new  trend in Bangalore, that working couples enroll their kids for various summer camps through the day, so that the kids remain active.

This reminds me of my Summer camp for 2 summers. My mom put me and my sister for the then famous summer camp " Makkala Koota" in chamrajpet. I remember there were interviews for even the summer camp and the list would be announced few days later.My moms idea was to keep us occupied from 10 to 5 which also happened to be her working hours for at least one month of the summer.And so me and my sis were put to this summer camp which was supposed to be the most prestigious one for the then middle class.

This summer camp started with early morning prayer. The entire crowd was divided into 4 groups , and there would be a captain and a vice captain. And the groups were named after the mythological rivers.There would be art class, cookery demos, first aid class. Then there would be lunch. Everyday after lunch, 2 kids from each group were selected to serve the teachers. And 2 kids per day, were supposed to do Sentry duty. Now this would be fun, the entire day the kids doing the sentry duty would be excused from all the activities and would guard the gates of the Famous Makkala Koota grounds. The kids selected to serve the teachers would be taught the conventions, norms and the rules of serving the food.

After lunch, there would be story telling session which would get very boring at times. And after lunch there would be music and dance class.At the end of the camp, a cultural day would be organized in which each and every kid had to participate. So the practice would start from the first day itself. We also had March Past practice in military style for which we were trained in hot sun for 3 days a week:(

Every day we were supposed to write a journal, and the best journal would be awarded a prize. And I had won it also.:) There would also be prizes foe best student, best sentry,
"bhagavad geetha" recitation, light music , devotional music, best group etc. We also had rope climbing and gymnastics classes twice a week. And a picnic with an overnight stay to some place.

Altogether it would be a tiresome one month. I had an additional responsibility of looking after my naughty sis. I remember mom had got her a shorts which had a huge face painted  on each
leg. And when she would walk, she would look really cute which each step showing up a face.

Hmmmm, those were some tough times, since after coming back from the camp we also had to finish homework given by the school. With that we had to write one page cursive writing in English and Kannada and write tables from 2 to 20 assigned by my Grandpa. And hence we would eagerly await the school reopening. As summer hols had become more demanding than school.

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