Monday, March 14, 2011

Kulli Speaks

Kulli had not been well on Saturday. And now shes doing fine.She had some stomach infection, due to which she was throwing up even water.

Me: what do you want for breakfast?
Kulli: Saffola oats, its good for health.
We went to the grocery store,
Kulli: Amma buy Saffola oil
Me:No kulli we don't get that brand.
Kulli: But Amma its healthy, don't you see T.V, and they give popcorn also free.
If Saffola, guys hear my kulli speak, they can make her their Brand ambassador.

Me: Kulli you need to eat well.Finish your Lunch.
Kulli: Its ok Amma, You give Complan, I will grow taller and stronger.

Just a Note: She watches hardly half an hour of T.V, and she has mugged the brands with their punchline. If I had allowed more T.V time, then what would have been the state!

Me: Kulli you need to puke in bathroom, run when it comes.
Kulli: OK, but it doesn't tell me before it comes, only after it comes out I will know.

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