Friday, March 25, 2011

Kulli and her swimming lessons

Kulli is going to her swimming classes in our complex from last week. She can float holding a railing, she flaps her hand in general she does everything except the most important thing i.e putting her head in the water. So yesterday her coach  (C)was trying hard to teach her this.
C: Kulli  put your head down the water.
Kulli: No sir I am scared.
C: I  have dropped a stone in the pool go search it.
Other boys search it for him, basically to make the kids put their head down.
Kulli: Sir please give me the stone, or else amma says if u don 't search the stone, i will not bring you to class.

I understand that my kulli is scared, but I also want her to learn, as its a basic skill and I haven't learn t swimming and I still regret for not doing it.

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