Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter to a lady with Make up.

Dear lady who is always with make up and dressed up and giving me bad looks
  • Have you ever heard that phrase"all dressed up but nowhere to go"?
  • Just bcoz, I am not in layers of pancake and tons of perfume, I am no less.
  • In fact I feel like giving you bad looks, coz probably without Make up you might look like Bhoothni.
  • I do not wear Spaghetti tops and shorts,  coz I am more comfortable in my cool cotton salwars, probably I should lend you a pair someday, try it you will never touch your cycling shorts in this hot summer again.
  • I do not feel like wearing RayBan shades to pick up my child from the gate, coz I need some Vitamin D. And I don't like you passing comments that oh south Indians can bear heat.
  • Last but not the least, do wear appropriate swimming costume when swimming, coz I have a daughter who talks a ton and asks lot of questions. And also bcoz its an apartment where lot of families live.

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