Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a weekend

 This weekend was  2 days of eating and stuffing our faces with food. On Saturday, I had been to CTR Malleshwaram, and ate Mangalore Bonda, and Benne Masala Dosa., topped it with some hot coffee. Then went to Krishna sweets opposite to CTR and ate Mysorepak.If that want enough ate yummy pineapple cake from Butter sponge which my dad had got.

On Sunday, went to outpost in Marathhalli and ate Vegetable Dosa, caramel cake with butterscotch ice cream. And in the veining hogged on potato chips, with the Breezer while watching Cricket. All in all , with the amount I have eaten, I guess I have to go for a Detox for a complete week.


  1. Ooooooooooo... I wanna eat Benne Dosaaaaaaaa.....
    Well, its good to 'toxify' your body sometimes too ;))

  2. @ Sumana,
    Sum, I guess i toxified a little too bit out of greed this time:)